Monday, 15 May 2017

Liv, Portobello Beach

Liv and I headed straight for the ocean to create new images of her-edited to blend with her style.

Originally from South Africa, she is a free-spirited, sassy songstress and a local worship leader in the city. Her personality is refreshing, open and carries a total spirit of freedom, so the beach seemed like the perfect setting for our mini session.

May has gifted us a few days of glorious sunshine so we wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity by hitting a local beach during golden hour to play with the different light as the sun dipped on another beautiful day.

Shooting at sunset is an ideal training ground for those looking to get to grips with their camera settings and allows plenty of room to experiment.  Making even a minor adjustment here and there gave us some beautiful shots that we both felt happy with.  Liv preferred a muted/flat, vintage look to the final feel of her pictures, which proves that there is just as much power in the edit rather than the simple capture.

I have included a few images from both styles below to demonstrate how the images translate differently even when working from the same set of shots.

Love how changing up the location creates a new experience and puts a different spin on the final product.

Here are some of the best bits!


How do I connect with Liv's music?

Facebook: @livcomleymusic
Twitter: @LivComley
Instagram @livcomley
ITunes:  Liv Comley


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