Friday, 24 March 2017

Stand Before Kings

In a world of advancing technology our scenes are awash with start-up companies, freelancers and creative industry professionals. Many of us choose to personally identify as a 'creative' and enjoy the label.

Let's take a second to dispel a modern myth. One increasingly common flaw encountered when pursuing creativity is to mistakenly ring fence 'creatives' as a curious clique that cannot be freely accessed or permeated. Truth is, we are all gifted differently and uniquely by the Chief Architect of the heavens and galaxies. The Ultimate Designer. Simply stated, if we are made in the image of our maker, then each of us are, by nature, a 'creative.'

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  1. this was definitely a good read. i like your article and th e points you put forward. today's world is washed up with mandatory myths about the smallest of things. keep writing

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