Monday, 6 February 2017

Instagram: What's the story?

In recent days, the concept of taking your life “online” has been heavily criticised.
What to include. Providing a balanced edit of public and personal. Sheltering ourselves from the risk of relentless comparison.  With more avenues than ever to explore “social sharing-“ especially through Snapchat, InstaStories and various LIVE functionalities, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter grant us a high level of control. We can portray what we want, exactly when we want, to the audience we want.
Life is crazy, right?
The leaps and bounds we have made technologically speaking just within the last few years and the levels to which we consume media at such an alarming rate on a daily basis is quite staggering. Remember, it wasn’t so long ago that we were creating clear distinctive marks in the sand between our "Facebook friends" and “real” friends- performing routine culls within our communities to cut ties with influences we find annoying, unwanted or just plain unhelpful. 
What about the flip side of this curious coin?
With hyper visual networks like Instagram, we instantly have access to and connection with limitless streams of creatives/bloggers/content creators and physical distance poses no barriers. We can link up with those who pursue similar interests or hobbies as us. Who think like us. Shop like us. Operate in our industries and curate their own sense of self that they wish to publish to the world. Like I said, personally I find this mind blowing
Melody Joy Co // Insta: @melodyjoyco
So, how do you genuinely meet people on Instagram without it getting creepy? 
I think it is time to view these creative networks as something that go beyond ways to up our brand exposure, track other peoples’ holiday snaps or what they had for lunch. Recently I have had opportunities to connect with bloggers, graphic designers, photographers and young creative entrepreneurs all at the touch of a button. We have stayed in contact from opposite shores and meet up when we are lucky enough to find ourselves in the same city.  It seems like a similar pattern is emerging all over the grid.  Like-minded people knowledge sharing, trading tips, swapping stories and becoming firm and valued friends as a result.

Now, not for a second am I recommending that you scattergun comments all over the internet in the hope of  winning Insta-friends and influencing people. You need to exercise caution and keep your sensibilities in check here.
What I am a huge advocate of, is the idea that the social networks we most connect with and enjoy are a vast and varied colour palette of creativity, skill, experience and personalities. There are real faces behind those perfectly crafted coffee shots.  And I for one find that fascinating. 
So whilst one eye can focus on our selective personal broadcast, the other can be peeled for individuals, groups and organisations that naturally jive with what we are all about the business of. Then it is time to get brave and reach out a hand.  Chances to celebrate current successes or advance in what we do. Opportunities to glean wisdom or pool experience and the space for collaboration on fresh projects and new ideas.

Feelin' game yet?
This isn’t a new thing and I certainly can’t pat myself on the back here for being a digital pioneer. Don't stress about forcing it. The pleasing thing about a lot of these encounters is that they happen quite naturally and the beauty is, both parties don’t yet know where things might lead.

Don’t start a strict search for your Instagram husband just yet (although I hear they are like gold dust.)  Open yourself up to the possibility that behind a sea of faces, catalogue of pictures and directory of daily experiences are friends you just haven't met yet.

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