Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Something More

I wanted to share a little personal collaboration I have embarked on in recent months, as it has become dear to my heart.

Sometimes it is incredibly liberating to fly solo, but I have found that it can be all the more inspiring, challenging and rewarding in many different ways if you choose to work in the context of a creative collective.

Let me make a special introduction. These guys are Something More.

They are a creative agency, clothing and lifestyle brand with a Christian focus and hey...that's just for starters. They have such an amazing vision to engage with the 20s/30s generation through a wide variety of platforms to challenge preconceptions and positively impact culture.

The folks at Something More are passionate in their presentation of Jesus and their faith to the world around them, so that together we can encourage conversations about faith to flourish and unlock truth. Their heart is to grow a community that represents Christ, truth and freedom in message, image and identity to a culture filled with questions.

I have had the privilege of working alongside them creating articles for their lifestyle magazine and it is evident that they translate a spirit of excellence into everything they touch. I will also be joining them in the launch of their new year long Training Academy. The Academy unites gifted Christian writers, film-makers, designers, photographers and artists who are thought leaders and examples in their field to develop skill and equip them to act as a creative voice for their peers and to communicate to a wondering world that there is something more.

In a nutshell:

Bringing change. Challenging perception. Pursuing excellence. Presenting Jesus.

They have just celebrated their second birthday and have achieved so much in this time. Chatting with them it is clear that they are really just getting started. It is encouraging to witness how the support they have received has allowed them to confidently dream big in this journey so far. I am excited to meet them at this juncture in the road and look forward to the path we are on together to see what unfolds.

My affiliation with Something More will take me to California later this year as we seek to bond together as a team and further connect with existing creative circles in LA and build new relationships for what the company can be involved in stateside.

So, you can fully expect to see articles and content about Something More on the blog as our partnership deepens. If this sounds super interesting, I would totally encourage you to check them out in more detail using the links below if you are intrigued to learn about the vision and work that they do. You can also keep your eyes peeled for more of what goes down when we head out to the West Coast.

Exciting, right? Why don't you join us?

How can I connect with Something More?
Facebook: Something More
Instagram: @somethingmoreuk
Twitter: @SomethingMoreUK


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