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The mere mention of the place harks back to our university era, however this time I was here on an entirely different mission. Thankfully most things are a lot better now than they were "way back when" and truth be told, we can't always afford to live in the past, can we?

Revolution have had themselves something of a facelift during which they have totally overhauled their menu for a fresh, new season and invited me along to grab a table for two and get up close and personal with their new "Massive Tastes" menu.

I have to hold my hands up and sheepishly admit that I was pleasantly surprised by my experience. With our fair share of restaurants on the Edinburgh scene, it wouldn't automatically spring to mind if dialling up a dining spot in a hurry, but the new look drew me in and it now feels like the winning vote to grab a bite with a friend or a classic round of 5 o'clocktails.

The menu is decidedly uncomplicated but very tasty, promising to offer a dish designed for all tastes (even for our veggie friends). I chose the Glazed Half Roast Chicken and my dining date for the evening opted for the age-old British classic, Fish and Chips.

The team at Revolution have got you covered whether you want a traditional main dish, pizza, burger, sandwich or perhaps a share plate. They also make all ingredients clear if you are on allergy alert or a "free-from" foodie.

The portions are generous for a main dish with potential to squeeze in a dessert if you are battling those sweet cravings. With it being a school night we stuck to soft drinks, however they offer an exciting selection of juices, cocktails, mocktails and pitchers to share if all you want is a pretty drink with an umbrella.

With the recent update, the venue is scattered with a few pops of colour, cool design fixtures and low lighting to add warmth. Extra points for copper shades- clearly the word has got out and they know what I like.

There is a gentle sense of ambience which enables a comfortable volume for table chat. Nothing is worse than when you are left screaming at your friend across a menu and she still has no clue what you are actually talking about.

The level of service we received was also very attentive, ensuring that we were well fed and watered at every stage of our visit. We wanted for nothing as they brought every sauce and condiment to our fingertips, including a new tangy speciality ketchup with a magic ingredient which I found oddly addictive.

Thumbs up team Revolution, hearty recommendations all round. Perhaps they are finally starting to ditch that cringy association of the "Vodka Rev/student timewarp" days and it really just goes to show that it is never too late to take the opportunity to step up your game and try a little something new.

The "new-look" Rev has spruced itself up and is catching our attention once again, for different reasons. It is almost like the older, trendier brother of the geeky kid that you liked in High School, but were too embarrassed to tell anyone about.

When it comes to food, I always have space in my heart for a new crush...

How can I connect with Revolution?

Facebook: Revolution Edinburgh
Twitter: @RevolutionBars
Instagram: @revolutionbars

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