Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Magnum Double #ReleaseTheBeast

Hands up who has been having some fun in the sunshine lately?

We have had a run of glorious days here in the UK over the last week and it has been utterly wonderful. With sporadic sunshine (especially in Scotland), we have to be ready to leap at the chance whenever those rays hit to make the most of every single spectacular second.

Fine weather usually brings the typical suspects- shorts, flip flops, freakishly pale limbs, the moreish scent of BBQ infusing the air, impromptu picnics in the park, lazy lemonades in the garden and of course... ice cream.

As luck would have it, Magnum have added a few new flavours into the mix to help us along with feeling those summer vibes, and I aint' complaining. For me, they are moments of pure chocolate coated luxury with a slight nostalgic edge.

Magnums are what my dad used to buy for the weekends when he finally twigged that I was entirely "over" choc ices and desperately needed an upgrade. The good old days: Friday nights, no school, Friends on the telly and an ice cream in my hand...

Happy times.

The new flavours in the Double range include chocolate, caramel and my top choice, peanut butter. Whoever is responsible behind-the-scenes for dreaming up the idea of putting a layer of peanut butter sauce in an icecream, I seriously cannot thank you enough. Believe me, it is a game change.

Grab a box and some friends and go bask in those hazy summer evenings. You can pick up these delicious new additions and all the other classics from your local Tesco.

Make sure to catch up with Kendall Jenner and indulge in more of the #ReleaseTheBeast campaign here...

Will you dare to go double?

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