Friday, 20 May 2016


Isn’t it funny how in life we try so hard to fit in. We are conditioned to do so from an early age. School, University, Employment.

We are taught to blend in. To not stand out.

But what if there was Something More?

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

Beauty- A Curious Obsession

In a world where Facebook is king, we strive to secure the perfect freeze frame to translate the most flattering version of ourselves and “highlight reel” life to our Instagram community, or via numerous other social scenes.

Beauty has become both top priority and curious obsession.

But what if there was Something More?

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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Something More

I wanted to share a little personal collaboration I have embarked on in recent months, as it has become dear to my heart.

Sometimes it is incredibly liberating to fly solo, but I have found that it can be all the more inspiring, challenging and rewarding in many different ways if you choose to work in the context of a creative collective.

Let me make a special introduction. These guys are Something More.

They are a creative agency, clothing and lifestyle brand with a Christian focus and hey...that's just for starters. They have such an amazing vision to engage with the 20s/30s generation through a wide variety of platforms to challenge preconceptions and positively impact culture.

The folks at Something More are passionate in their presentation of Jesus and their faith to the world around them, so that together we can encourage conversations about faith to flourish and unlock truth. Their heart is to grow a community that represents Christ, truth and freedom in message, image and identity to a culture filled with questions.

I have had the privilege of working alongside them creating articles for their lifestyle magazine and it is evident that they translate a spirit of excellence into everything they touch. I will also be joining them in the launch of their new year long Training Academy. The Academy unites gifted Christian writers, film-makers, designers, photographers and artists who are thought leaders and examples in their field to develop skill and equip them to act as a creative voice for their peers and to communicate to a wondering world that there is something more.

In a nutshell:

Bringing change. Challenging perception. Pursuing excellence. Presenting Jesus.

They have just celebrated their second birthday and have achieved so much in this time. Chatting with them it is clear that they are really just getting started. It is encouraging to witness how the support they have received has allowed them to confidently dream big in this journey so far. I am excited to meet them at this juncture in the road and look forward to the path we are on together to see what unfolds.

My affiliation with Something More will take me to California later this year as we seek to bond together as a team and further connect with existing creative circles in LA and build new relationships for what the company can be involved in stateside.

So, you can fully expect to see articles and content about Something More on the blog as our partnership deepens. If this sounds super interesting, I would totally encourage you to check them out in more detail using the links below if you are intrigued to learn about the vision and work that they do. You can also keep your eyes peeled for more of what goes down when we head out to the West Coast.

Exciting, right? Why don't you join us?

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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Magnum Double #ReleaseTheBeast

Hands up who has been having some fun in the sunshine lately?

We have had a run of glorious days here in the UK over the last week and it has been utterly wonderful. With sporadic sunshine (especially in Scotland), we have to be ready to leap at the chance whenever those rays hit to make the most of every single spectacular second.

Fine weather usually brings the typical suspects- shorts, flip flops, freakishly pale limbs, the moreish scent of BBQ infusing the air, impromptu picnics in the park, lazy lemonades in the garden and of course... ice cream.

As luck would have it, Magnum have added a few new flavours into the mix to help us along with feeling those summer vibes, and I aint' complaining. For me, they are moments of pure chocolate coated luxury with a slight nostalgic edge.

Magnums are what my dad used to buy for the weekends when he finally twigged that I was entirely "over" choc ices and desperately needed an upgrade. The good old days: Friday nights, no school, Friends on the telly and an ice cream in my hand...

Happy times.

The new flavours in the Double range include chocolate, caramel and my top choice, peanut butter. Whoever is responsible behind-the-scenes for dreaming up the idea of putting a layer of peanut butter sauce in an icecream, I seriously cannot thank you enough. Believe me, it is a game change.

Grab a box and some friends and go bask in those hazy summer evenings. You can pick up these delicious new additions and all the other classics from your local Tesco.

Make sure to catch up with Kendall Jenner and indulge in more of the #ReleaseTheBeast campaign here...

Will you dare to go double?

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Friday, 13 May 2016



The mere mention of the place harks back to our university era, however this time I was here on an entirely different mission. Thankfully most things are a lot better now than they were "way back when" and truth be told, we can't always afford to live in the past, can we?

Revolution have had themselves something of a facelift during which they have totally overhauled their menu for a fresh, new season and invited me along to grab a table for two and get up close and personal with their new "Massive Tastes" menu.

I have to hold my hands up and sheepishly admit that I was pleasantly surprised by my experience. With our fair share of restaurants on the Edinburgh scene, it wouldn't automatically spring to mind if dialling up a dining spot in a hurry, but the new look drew me in and it now feels like the winning vote to grab a bite with a friend or a classic round of 5 o'clocktails.

The menu is decidedly uncomplicated but very tasty, promising to offer a dish designed for all tastes (even for our veggie friends). I chose the Glazed Half Roast Chicken and my dining date for the evening opted for the age-old British classic, Fish and Chips.

The team at Revolution have got you covered whether you want a traditional main dish, pizza, burger, sandwich or perhaps a share plate. They also make all ingredients clear if you are on allergy alert or a "free-from" foodie.

The portions are generous for a main dish with potential to squeeze in a dessert if you are battling those sweet cravings. With it being a school night we stuck to soft drinks, however they offer an exciting selection of juices, cocktails, mocktails and pitchers to share if all you want is a pretty drink with an umbrella.

With the recent update, the venue is scattered with a few pops of colour, cool design fixtures and low lighting to add warmth. Extra points for copper shades- clearly the word has got out and they know what I like.

There is a gentle sense of ambience which enables a comfortable volume for table chat. Nothing is worse than when you are left screaming at your friend across a menu and she still has no clue what you are actually talking about.

The level of service we received was also very attentive, ensuring that we were well fed and watered at every stage of our visit. We wanted for nothing as they brought every sauce and condiment to our fingertips, including a new tangy speciality ketchup with a magic ingredient which I found oddly addictive.

Thumbs up team Revolution, hearty recommendations all round. Perhaps they are finally starting to ditch that cringy association of the "Vodka Rev/student timewarp" days and it really just goes to show that it is never too late to take the opportunity to step up your game and try a little something new.

The "new-look" Rev has spruced itself up and is catching our attention once again, for different reasons. It is almost like the older, trendier brother of the geeky kid that you liked in High School, but were too embarrassed to tell anyone about.

When it comes to food, I always have space in my heart for a new crush...

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Monday, 9 May 2016

Austen Thomson Hair

The quest for a perfect hairdresser is a modern riddle, but once you have cracked the code it is truly one of life's most valued and trusted relationships. Each time you step into a salon to refresh your style or for a much needed pamper, you are surrendering your locks to someone- simultaneously investing in their technical skill and creative vision.

I was contacted by the people at popular Leith based salon, Austen Thomson Hair to see whether I would like to come along for an appointment. Austen runs the salon with partner in business and life, wife Louise and together they are celebrating 5 years in the business and a recent interior makeover.

Their timing was slightly off as I had just had around 6 inches lopped off my hair in recent weeks, but I was definitely keen to meet the team and enjoy a little "me-time" courtesy of their loving care, all within a fresh and newly revamped salon environment.

On arrival, I was greeted by Christie who would be looking after me during my appointment and I instantly felt at ease in her hands. Not knowing me at all, she gained immediate brownie points for snappily arranging a posh pot of coffee to sip on whilst we chatted about my personal hair care.

She was interested to learn more about the products I use, my normal routine, tools, preferred style etc to enable her to build a picture, which would aid her in selecting tailored products for my treatment.

The salon is the ideal size to avoid extreme pressure by feeling like a solo client and strikes a pleasing balance of buzz, interest and relaxation. The decor was fresh and inviting. Muted tones with a few design accents and an altogether open-airy feel. I found myself watching on as Austen and his team chatted with clients and worked on engineering some flawless cuts.

One thing that struck me on first impression, and ran as a constant thread during my entire visit was how I was treated as a client. There also appears to be an undeniably happy vibe between staff, which emanates into the room and creates a setting as fresh as their newly painted walls.

Christie selected the Label M Orange Blossom Shampoo to ensure that the hair was freshly cleansed without being overly stripped. She also chose the Honey and Oat Mask from the Label M range which was painted onto the hair with a brush. A plastic cap helped the treatment develop for a further 10-15 minutes.

While I waited, I received a relaxing head massage to melt away any stresses and strains. The mask was rinsed off and then we set to create some loose, tousled waves with the new GHD Curve waving wand.

Prior to drying, Christie ran a little of the Schwarzkopf Miracle Rose Oil through my hair which kept everything smooth and sleek and also happened to smell incredible. Upon drying my hair, I noticed how soft and nourished it felt after the treatment.

The key is selecting products for your personal hair type. This can be tricky when using a heavier conditioner or mask as you need to ensure the hair is hydrated/moisturised without feeling heavy, greasy or weighed down. The Honey and Oat Mask was a great success and felt like it was the perfect fit for me.

The barrel of the wand is long and flat, which creates a unique shape and a much more relaxed wave than a set spiral curl. I adore that Fearne Cotton-esque, lived-in beachy wave and the waving wand was an amazing choice to recreate that look.

Christie finished with a light spritz of the Label M Hairspray to provide a little movement and gently set the style without leaving it crunchy or tacky. The spray helps the hair structure to hold onto the style and can be applied before any final tweaking.

My experience of the salon was an overall joy and I don't feel like it will be too long until I darken their doors once again.

Edinburgh has an overwhelming choice when it comes to hair, which can be both blessing and curse. I was excited to venture a little off the map this time to discover somewhere new and will keep their number to hand if ever craving a "new do" or timely trim.

Flawless, friendly, personal service and cool, creative cuts that I can only imagine keeps their clients coming back for more. The Thomsons are definitely somewhat of a dream team.

If you are on a search to shake things up, let Austen & Co "style you pretty". I already know that they would love to hear from you.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Mary Poppins

I was delighted to be contacted recently by Ion Magazine to contribute a review to the "What's on" section of their website.

If you don't already know, Ion is Scotland's largest stylish lifestyle magazine and online city guide. They are now in the process of expanding beyond Edinburgh and Glasgow to cover all major cities in Scotland.

Last weekend, I fulfilled a dream of finally seeing the musical Mary Poppins on stage at the Festival Theatre and I thought it would be a fine experience to share with their readers.

If you would like to read my full review exclusive to Ion, you can click here.

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