Thursday, 28 April 2016

Let's Do Brunch

They are currently having a bit of brunch "moment" over at All Bar One*, and I was very happy to join them.

Did anyone say pancakes?

Brunch is one of my all-time, favourite meals. On the one hand, it can ooze relaxation and that pjs-all-day kinda vibe that I am a little partial to or on the other, you can enjoy throwing on some comfies (or something a little more snazzy) and spending quality time over tasty food with friends.

Proud of their selection (and quite rightly so), All Bar One invited me to bring a friend and come and chill with them over brunch to get a little taste of it for myself, so I was quick to nibble their arm right off.


We kicked things off with Mimomas, because let's be honest, any good brunch that doesn't feature a cocktail is just a sad, late breakfast. Sippin' our way through Saturday morning with something fresh felt like a treat and the weekend suddenly was off to a flying start.

A quick glance at the menu was all I needed to secure my choice.


There was practically no decision to be made here. I skimped on the bacon in favour of the fruit version, and could practically hear the round of applause in the crowd as a grasped the healthy option with both hands. I was practically laughing all the way to the gym.

Ok, so it came with a generous serving of maple syrup to sweeten the deal, but it still counts towards some of my 5 a day, yeah?

For my dish, they served up 3 pancakes, all topped with a medley of banana, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries and a side of maple syrup which, in my infinite wisdom, I decided not to use sparingly.

My sidekick decided to go for a slightly new spin on a classic bacon roll. This roll was accompanied by sour cream, chilli tomato jam and a sprig of coriander and from where I was sitting it looked de-li-cious.

To round things off, I chose to finish this delightful visit with a latte. Cleverly I ordered this at the end so that I could relish it a little. One should never rush brunch.

My coffee came served in their new duck-egg blue china with a few smarties on the side and a mini milk bottle. As I have confessed on many an occasion, I am a total sucker for detail. You will always find me at the front of any queue that appreciates when a venue goes that extra mile with those subtle touches, just because they have a hunch I might enjoy it.

My guest is a self-confessed tea-totaller. Sometimes, when all things are said and done, there is nothing better than a good, ol' fashioned cup of tea, right?

We are British, it's what we do. *raises pinky*

So, here's the recap. The d├ęcor is fresh with some interesting accents and the atmosphere is pleasantly busy but retains that nice, relaxed feel.

The staff were friendly and helpful. The menu has something for all and everything was served with just the perfect window to chat in between, I really can't fault it.

Did I also mention that you can probably find me somewhere in a corner hugging all the retro light fittings like long-lost relatives? I have a problem.

All Bar One appear to have a trick up their sleeve to cater for any occasion. Early menus, small sharing plates, work drinks, parties, light lunches, cocktail masterclasses. It is pretty hard to find an excuse not to check it out.

If you are keen to get your brunch on, remember they serve until 1pm on the weekend, so you won't have to hot-foot it down their in your PJs at some ungodly hour to grab your table in the sun.

Phew, thanks goodness for that!

*I received an invitation for brunch for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

How can I connect with All Bar One?
Facebook: All Bar One
Twitter: @allbarone
Instagram: @allbarone

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