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Even the name immediately conjurs up images of devotion, dedication and a sense of strong religious following. And if there is something that beauty lovers can vow to devote themselves to, it is a good skincare routine. Oil and balm cleansers have rocketed with meteoric fashion into the beauty sphere within the last year and are everything if you are the sort of girl that dreams of a happy, hydrated face.


Brand pioneer and skilled beauty industry pro Arabella Preston soon realised that the use of oils within skincare had profound effects on mind, body and soul and did much to enhance the overall client experience and so Votary was born.

Hours of experimentation within her home inspired Arabella, alongside friend, former colleague and co-founder Charlotte Semler, to invest in a greater vision and take the brand from kitchen to consumer. The pair sourced a family business within the UK to produce their formula on a larger scale, leaving those trendy, city-slickin' New Yorkers to handle all aspects of their branding and visual appeal.

Their tag line is, "Natural. Luxe. Beautiful", and for me this offers a succinct summary of their game plan. Natural ingredients, with a luxury high-end feel that result in multiple "good skin days".

Can I get a cleanse, rinse, repeat?

Acclaim from our most popular glossy publications, glowing reviews from blogging gurus around the country (Caroline Hirons) and a stateside launch at beloved boho brand Anthropologie, it would appear that Votary have tapped into a recipe for success.


So, should we buy in? Well, quite frankly, YES, I do.

Votary offer a range of facial oils for morning/evening use depending on your most common complaints or which aspect of the ritual you would like to focus on more intently. They also have a Rose Geranium and Apricot Cleansing Oil* which was the product I was keen to try.

The oil can be used to perk skin up as part of the morning cleanse, or to dissolve the day/shake things off and inject a little nourishment into your down time.

From personal experience, I always have more time to lavish on a night time routine. There could be something in the psychology of it, but I feel a couple of extra steps can go a long way to help my relaxation and well being, plus I just get to be in the moment. Facial massage promotes amazing benefits for the skin, so if you can form the habit hopefully you will reap the rewards.


Put a few pumps of the oil into your hands and work it between your palms to heat it up, this makes spreading and application a breeze.

Then the fun part. Work it in over a bare face, or your daily make-up, concentrating on those tricky areas, especially the eyes. Follow that with a splash of water to emulsify the oil and move it around the face. You can also use this opportunity to cover your face with a hot/damp flannel or cleansing cloth (by far, one of life's greatest pleasures!)

Take these few seconds to breathe and get the full benefits of a deep clean. You can then begin to rinse the last traces of make-up from your face. If part of a night cleanse, you can repeat the process until your face feels comfortably clean. Top it off with a final splash of water and you are ready to pat dry.

If you fancy some guidance, Arabella has a handy step-by-step guide here for you, so go ahead and take a look.


The oil feels extremely pleasant to use and I found the scent comforting, calm and for me, it aides the sensory experience people crave when seeking to max their relaxin'.

With a £45 price tag per 100ml it is perhaps another one to chalk up for high end obsessives. What can I say? I like pretty things.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy snapping up the "3 for 2" Boots deals as much as the next girl, but in my view it is unfair to compare. If you are considering using something from the range, view it as investment rather than bargain. With Votary you are buying into a completely different brand experience rather than striving for that maximum money save.

Perhaps I was massively swayed by the rose gold vibe, but then again I have always been a complete sucker for attractive packaging. It looks nice. It feels nice and for me this further heightens the draw when reflecting on the luxury market.

To recap: it smells beautiful, leaves my skin feeling fresh, adds a sense of lux to the daily grind and is stocked in two of my all-time favourite stores(Anthropologie and Liberty London). So, if you are curious as to whether Votary gets my vote when all is said and done, the answer can only be a resounding YES. Hoping products like this will be a life-time love, rather than just a Spring-fling.

The high end re-purhcase guilt might get me in the end, but currently I am too zen to care...

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

How can I connect with Votary?

Facebook: Votary
Twitter: @VOTARY_London
Instagram: @votarylondon


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  1. Beautiful review! I've been wanting to try this like forever! I'm hoping to get my hands on a Liberty Advent Calendar as this is in one of the drawers.


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