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It's Friday and yes, I am going to chat about pizza. *drool*

I recently had the chance to swing by Civerinos, the new joint in town that is dedicated to finding your perfect home slice. On first approach, this place seems to channel some trendy Covent Garden vibes if we are thinking layout and design, and honestly, I am totally down with that.

This pizza haven is bursting with funky decor inspo. From quirky statues, to a striking yellow bike at the entrance to detailed ceiling work.

You know how I feel about a pretty ceiling, right?

They keep the lighting low, the juke box churning out those funky rhythms and the warm purple glow creates an intimate, cosy atmosphere that everyone seems dying to get their teeth into. Whether you are grabbing a slice between appointments, meeting a friend or heading down with your work crew, there is plenty to entice you into grabbing a slice of the action.

From the moment we arrived we were greeted by the friendly staff, who sported grins almost as cheesy as the pizzas they serve. For me, it is important that customers feel instantly at ease within the first few moments. I feel that this really sets the tone for service and the entire meal. Call me old-school, but I am always keen to start off on the right foot.

Civerinos offer quite a wide selection of snacks and starters if you are after some small plates to share or a few pasta/salad options (if for some crazy reason pizza just ain't your jam). That being said, pizza is the star of the show on this menu and this becomes more than evident with the showcase of flavour options and interesting combos.

If you need a sugar hit, there are a couple of sweet offerings on the table, but the front runner seems to be their signature Nutella Calzone.

I can't even...

Naturally I was too full to even consider such madness, but I swiftly sneaked a cheeky table shot of the couple next to me who clearly felt game (I hope that wasn't too weird.)

If you've got a sweet tooth and have room to spare I would imagine that this is quite the finisher.

What a way to go!

After a hefty amount of deliberation, we settled on the Goats Cheese and Roasted Vegetable for our first choice. For the second option, we strayed a little outside the box and we were intrigued by the sound of the Pulled Pork and Apple. I was enchanted as James, our server, described how all the pork is roasted in-house and that they switch up the regular tomato base for apple sauce. Why didn't I think of that!

If you fancy a bit of a deal, keep your eyes peeled. Civerinos are delighted to serve you up a 14 inch Pizza and bottle of Peroni for a steal at £10. This offer is available noon until midnight Monday-Wednesday(inclusive) so you will find ample opportunity to hang with a mate or bag a cheap date.

What appeals to me about this place (other than their mouth-watering dishes) is that they clearly invest a lot of care and attention in bringing quality Italian street food to the city, and that catches my attention. Their history is steeped in legacy and age-old family tradition. Owner Michele Civiera's grandfather inspired him to take his story from the past into the present and this, in turn has encouraged Michele to develop his own story to further shape Civerinos for a rather delicious future.

If you adore Italian food, relaxed atmos/ambience or a friendly communal-dining feel, change things up and try Civerinos on for size. No doubt I will be enjoying another dose of "La Pizza Vita" sometime soon-believe me, there is much to try.

Variety is the slice of life...

How do I connect with Civerinos?
Facebook: Civerinos
Twitter: @civerinos_slice

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