Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Blurred Lines

... "I know you want it" (hey hey, hey)... No, I'm not talkin' about that Robin Thicke chart topper, I want to think for a second about primer.

Truth to be told, I am not usually a keen subscriber to primer/powder when I am setting my face in place. My skin tends to be normal/dry so I don't struggle with the slip "n" slide effect of make-up roaming around during the course of the day. Recently I have had a little rethink when considering the longevity of my base (no matter how light), especially if I am pulling a long shift, or heading out straight from the office (yep, occasionally I don't run home to throw on my PJs)... HONEST.

Dermalogica are pretty much a skincare powerhouse and have released many cult classics throughout the years. They don't obsess over pretty packaging with their products which results in a "clean" aesthetic. It's what is inside that counts, right?

The science whizzkids at Dermalogica clearly know their stuff and the research/knowledge that goes into formulating their products is tried, tested and true. You've probably spotted some familiar favourites on your mum's bathroom cabinet or nightstand. Or perhaps your grandmother might swear by certain items that have kept her looking fabulous well into her 80s. It can be difficult to weigh up exactly when to go the extra mile with a high end product. Either way, if I receive a Dermalogica recommendation it instantly receives some serious kudos because I know they have done their homework.

At the beginning of March Dermalogica launched their new lightweight HydraBlur™* primer into their existing skin primer range. I have been trialling it most days for the past month and I thought I would give you the scoop.

What tempted to me to throw this onto my face was that it was lightweight, blurs fine lines and wrinkles whilst promising a luminous, silky finish to the skin. If you are telling me that my base will stay around to play a little longer and I can rock a little "glow from within", I am there...with bells on. At first thought, this seems perfect for those sweet summer nights when you are itching to stay out and play and don't need the added fuss of starting from scratch.

The consistency of the primer is quite strange in colour (white/grey tinge) which I wasn't expecting if honest, but any pigment soon disappears into your complexion within seconds. I found this best applied by placing a few dots around the face and then blending into the skin with a foundation brush/duo fibre brush. Alternatively, you could crack out a damp beauty blender and bop away until your heart is content, depending on what tools you have up your sleeve. Failing that, you can easily smooth the product in with the warmth of your fingers, so fear not if you are travelling light or just want to keep it simple.

HydraBlur™ feels lovely on the skin, immediately wakes thing, up leaving me free to happily continue with the rest of my daily look. After one whole month in test (I prefer to give things a good run) I am impressed. This holds the make-up in place and I feel confident that I can still look fresh faced at the end of my day at the office rather than flat, dull and just a bit tired.

Another neat little feature is that the box includes a tube wringer, which you can attach to the tube to squeeze out every last drop of this liquid gold. I have cut the ends off way too many tubes of product in the past to testify that this is a winning move. Bravo Dermalogica, it's like you can read my mind!

There are a host of wonder-working ingredients, but the key to HydraBlur™ is the H2ORelease™ Complex which, to cut the chase, ensures that moisture is released steadily throughout the day to keep skin hydrated. Abyssinian Seed Oil also helps with smoothing and overall skin texture and the tint activates on application to neutralise and brighten. For those concerned about shine, the mattifiers contained within the product reduce oil, create a smooth canvas and blur the imperfections you might be less happy with. Mushroom extract deals with pores and fruit extract provides a welcome radiance boost. Kind of like a soft-focus lens, for your face. How magical!

So, would I recommend it? Absolutely.

Obviously it is entirely up to you if you have the spare dosh to spend £38 on a primer. The 22ml size does feel a little stingy for the price point, but you really only need a couple of pea sized dots each use, and with the help of the handy tube wringer you can definitely make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck. That being said, there are many decent drugstore alternatives out there if this is beyond your budget. Personally, I may save my extra pennies for one of their infamous cleansers instead... but that's just me.

For those who crave a little facial photoshopping, or want to ace their base (and happen to feel a lil' spendy) then drop this into your basket *shreds bank statement*...

(DISCLAIMER- This product will not make you look like RHW.)

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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