Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Blogger Brunch, Southpour

This past Sunday the sun was riding high in the sky and the good people over at Southpour threw open their doors to invite us in for a lovely bloggers brunch in Edinburgh. I mean, you had me at the mere mention of brunch...

Such a great chance to get an exclusive peek at a new dining haunt on the corner of Newington Road and East Preston Street, in the city's Newington district. Reverie has received a bit of a face lift, so if you have frequented that spot on many an occasion it is already more familiar than you think!

Picture the scene: coffee on tap, a bloody mary bar and a selection of top items from their brunch menu to set us up for the perfect Sunday. Are you feelin' it?

I mean, I had never tried a bloody mary before, but I was game to give it a go. I can see how that weird kick could be almost refreshing if you have, ahem, partied a little harder than you might have liked the night before. Ooh, spicy!

For me, it was much more of a curious taste test. I don't know if it is quite love at this point, but I was happy to sip "n" see. I am usually much more comfortable sticking with my coffee.

Hello, old faithful...

With a dedicated Brunch menu, the team at Southpour are committed to finding what you fancy. There is a nice mix of dishes depending on how you like your eggs in the morning. Or maybe brioche is more your bag?

Want me to keep going? Sausages, salmon, kippers, fritters- you might have to scramble to get your order in. We are pretty sure that when the word gets out this place will be buzzin'.

Bloggers were free to mix and mingle with some familiar faces and of course, say hello to somebody new. With more than ample room to swing your DSLR around, the afternoon provided many an opportunity to tweet "n" eat, or grab that selfie in front of the classic brick work. As a gathering of some of Edinburgh's best bloggers, chuck a brick wall in the mix and it is a pretty much like moths to a flame.

This event was nicely timed, slap bang in the middle of Edinburgh Fashion Week. Just in case you needed yet another handy reminder, (irrespective of whether you are a guru or blogging noob), Edinburgh is a wonderful place for your base.

With not even a year on the clock, I am rapidly realising that there is a vibrant, talented and creative community out there producing some high calibre content that rivals some of our most loved London/Brighton faves. With a lot of activity down south, I think it is important to take the chance to let Scotland have a little bit of a moment. Aye?

So, while we basked in the last of the weekend and sampled our fair share of Southpour fare, I spent some time catching up with vintage lovelies Kimberley (L) and Helen (R). These gals aren't so confidential about what might be lurking in their closet, so much so they love to chat all about it over on their blog.

If you heart all things vintage, granny hair or crave some inspiration to haul you out head first out of that fashion rut, get yourself over to Wardrobe Conversations. Quick smart.

As a little parting gift, the team packed a few snacks into a goodie bag so that we could all enjoy a few more of those Southpour vibes at home. Just so you know, these will be fuelling my desk efforts at HQ...all week long.

If you don't often stride on the southside, you now have the perfect excuse. Consider yourself invited.

Brunch Forever.

How can I connect with Southpour?

Facebook: Southpour
Twitter: @southpoursays


  1. I'm always looking for new places to dine out. Thanks for putting this place on the map Claire and excellent blog as ever :)

    1. Hope you will add it to your list Colin, and thanks for taking the time to read!

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