Friday, 19 February 2016

PG Tips: Tea Capsules

Let's talk tea.

Whatever I am up to this winter you will usually find me clutching a cuppa to help with my own personal central heating in this chilly weather.

On my commute. Running between appointments. Chilling at home with a standard Netflix binge. In the bath. You can be certain that I am sipping my way to seventh heaven until we beat the winter freeze.

Imagine my delight on discovering that those cheeky little monkeys at PG Tips have released a capsule range* compatible with the Nespresso coffee machine. Squeal! I have a summer sun Nespresso Inissia at home as my trusty sidekick, so I was very keen to get my mitts on a box or two to put them to the test. Available in four delicious flavours, a good cuppa is at your fingertips in just a few seconds. The handy pods contain real tea leaves so you can be assured of flavour, quality and taste.

So how do they work exactly?

The box comes with 10 capsules of each flavour.

To get started, begin by rinsing your machine for a few seconds just so your tea doesn't have any remaining coffee tinges to it.

Next, take a capsule, peel off the top covering and pop it in your machine once water has been added to the tank. Now it's time to agonise over your favourite mug selection. Seriously, my weakness for cute cups is out of control!

Just press the button to start extracting the capsule and finish adding water when you have reached the 200ml mark, or however much you fancy. You can also check here for any questions or niggles you have about using the pods correctly, or if you just want to make sure that you are doing it right. There is even a video. Snazzy!

What's your flava?

Dinner Date

The peppermint tea pods are perfect for the evening. As an infamous digestion aid it feels quite calming and soothing on the tummy, so ideal for after your meal. Plus they are minty fresh, which I find quite refreshing. Ooh, zingy!

Commute Cuppa

The Green tea pods are another delicate flavour option and an amazing choice to kick start your day. If you would rather shy away from a morning jolt from the standard cup o' joe on your way to the office and fancy something a little more zen that still promises an added boost? This one is for you!

Feelin' Fruity

The Raspberry and Apple is my bath time/ bed time choice. With the winter nights still amongst us and a distinct nip in the air sometimes all you want to do is head home from a long day at the grind and soak in the tub. Don't worry, I hear ya. I thoroughly enjoy a tasty tea in the bath while flicking through a book or as I thumb the latest copy of Glamour.

Sweet Tooth

To satisfy sweet cravings I turn to arguably my favourite flavour of the range, Caramel and Vanilla. Before you go on the hunt for that leftover Christmas choco-stash, pour yourself a mug of this to take the edge off. Another great choice for a lil' something sweet after dinner or in place of dessert.

All in all I found these perfect to perch on your counter top so you are free to match your choice of tea to the flavour of your day. My only teeny hang up is packaging waste, however this will always be a concern with pod products. I will let you make the call on that depending on whether you are keen to keep other choices green, as well as your tea!

The bottom line is that the dear people of Britain will always love a good cuppa. It's practically our lifeblood and solution to the many things life hurls at us. If you are intrigued and want to try something new or for tea totallers who love keeping up with the trends, these just might be your bag.


*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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  1. I hate coffee so delighted to see I can use tea capsules! Always fancied a machine in the house.

    Thanks for this :)


  2. Yeah, they are pretty good. And perfect for those of us who aren't coffee obsessed, like me! Hope you get to try some!


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