Saturday, 9 January 2016

January Blues

We might just be approaching the end of the toughest week of the calendar year. Who's with me?

The turkey is done, the tree is packed away and we've eaten more items from the selection box that we care to admit. The echo of blenders whizzing up healthy potions can be heard all over the land as we try to erase a little of the damage and reset the clock for the year stretched out before us. 

There is absolutely no doubt that with the cold creeping in and looming January skies stealing our daylight, things can be left a little lack lustre after we have chinked those champagne glasses at New Year and the last of the confetti has settled.

So, whether you feeling a little flat, (or fat) or just need a boost to kick start your year, I thought it would be fun to share a handful of handy hints we could all use to frame 2016 in a positive light.

We are often told that we ought not to "sweat the small stuff", but if you flip it around you frequently find that it is those small, simple details that make the difference between a good day and a great day. These could also be that something that pulls you back from the brink if you are having it a lil' tough.

Remember, this is as much for me as it is for you guys... 2016 is upon us. So with no particular order or agenda, let's jump in.

1. Set your alarm earlier than needed. Give yourself a "wake-up window."

2. More light. Light a few extra candles. Treat yourself to a Lumie lamp if you struggle with those early rises. January is stingy on the daylight so you might want to try a little light therapy to combat feelings of S-A-D. If all else fails? Fairy lights.

3. Drink good coffee. Enough said.

4. If you are a coffee noob, see point 3. You can start with an entry level classic mocha and work your way up!

5. Get a good skin care routine down. You don't need to use 100 lotions and potions, but we should always invest in the basics of cleansing and moisturising and maybe a touch of eye cream. Take a lesson from those Frenchies. It's clear that they know how to look after themselves to keep faces looking pretty as a picture. Your older self is thanking you already.

6. Bold lip colours. Wear them more often. You are afraid they don't suit you. Or you are walking around with it smeared on your teeth, but experiment and do it anyway...

7. Switch up one thing in your normal get ready routine. Repetition makes things easy and breezy when we need it to be, but sometimes we get bored. Stray outside the lines a little...

8. Streamline your morning routine. Ensure that you are never constantly rushing out the door. Save those extra minutes to linger over that first morning brew, and breathe.

9. Write lists. Use them to your advantage. Tidy your mind. Organise your thoughts. Plan your time well. Know what is coming up, and when. Maximise your free time doing things that you love and that bring you joy.

10. More sleep. Scrimping on our bed zeds is one of our top mistakes, and we keep repeating it. Why?! Skip that TV show or get off the computer. Always head to bed a little earlier than you actually want to fall asleep. Remember that "wind down window?"

11. Focus on your 5 a day. Ok, so most of us never manage it, but find creative ways of sneaking a little more fruit and veg into your diet. Santa popped a Breville Active Blend under my Christmas tree and so far it is going rather smoothie-ly Get it? You don't have to rush out and snap up the most expensive one on the market, and hey... I won't judge you for having a few pieces of Christmas chocolate when my back is turned. We are only human, right?

12. Start and end the day with a positive comment. You don't have to stand in the bathroom and look in the mirror feelin' all Beyonce and saying you are sassy/fierce or other weird mantras. Chances are you are pretty incredible. You may have just forgotten...

13. Nail an easy FOTD (face of the day.) That's right, I'm talking simple base, a slick of a nude-toned shadow and a natural lip that you can throw on anytime, anywhere in the space of 5-10 minutes tops. The rewards of this will pay for itself...

14. Find a new hobby. This might come to you in a flash or might take a little self-searching, but I bet there is a lot of untapped potential if you take the time to look. For me, for 2015 it was my blog of course and the benefits have been unimaginable. It is worth taking the risk...

15. Spend more QT with your friends. STOP being so busy. Working in time with those you love shouldn't feel like a chore or cause extra stresses. They are the ones that bring joy, laughter, light, colour and energy after all. So leave your phone in your handbag or shove it a drawer for a while and be present with them.

16. Mini pamper routines. I'm not talking about a weekly trip to The Scotsman here, but a minimum once a week face mask or nail painting sesh oughta do the trick. Or how about laying in the bath reading your new book love? In case you are wondering, this is currently "How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are".

17. Pick out a print. There is nothing better that popping an inspirational print up on your bedroom wall or adding a little something special to that gallery wall you are carefully curating in your lounge. I would recommend taking a browse over at Nouvelle Daily or Old English Company and I challenge you not to swoon a little. Everyone needs a visual sometimes to help them be a little more up and at 'em.

19. Whack on some tunes. Plenty of options for all tastes and styles. Even the totally embarrassing ones. Save a few go-to playlists on Spotify and get ready to wake up the right way and bop along your commute. Music changes everything.

20. Relax. Let go of past niggles. Leave those things in 2015 that will only hold you back in 2016. Give yourself a break in the present. You have a lot going for you and if you surround yourself with the right people you will continue to you grow and flourish. You should also relax about your future. Believe that your best days lay before you. 

Ok, that's a wrap. I really hope these have helped inspire a little 2016 pep. Now I am itching to hear yours. Go ahead. I'm listening...


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