Friday, 11 December 2015

Winter wonderland...

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

However, what if this season has left you feeling a little less than magical? Candy floss hair? Chapped lips? Dry hands? Does anyone feel me?

I thought it would be a good idea to round up a few of my current winter faves. These are items I have been reaching for to amp up the TLC as the temperature dips.

1. Soap and Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator (Night & Flight Moisture Miracle)

Dry offices, cold air, crazy weather and cranked up central heating leaves me feeling a little like someone has stuck a straw in my face and removed every last trace of moisture.

Well, hello my little friend!

Soap and Glory continue to impress me with their body care and cosmetic range. Can they put a foot wrong? This night cream has a slightly odd but perfectly dreamy and super hydrating texture. It is also ideal for high flyers to pop on during that dreaded long haul flight and you can emerge at your destination feeling revived and fresh faced. Plus you won't run the risk of scaring your travel buddy half to death as you treat yourself to a mini in-flight routine. I find myself using this most evenings at the moment and honestly can't fault it. Definitely one to pick up in a Christmas gift set or on its own to hang from your tree.

2. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment

Sarah Chapman wins at skin care. This product doesn't come in cheap and is certainly the most spendy option on my wish list, but sometimes it is fun to treat yourself to something high end at Christmas. You deserve it, right? That being said, some heavy hinting in all the right places could ensure that you receive something a little special this Christmas. This is first item I have sampled from her range in a hopeful quest to rescue my winter ravaged paws. The packaging feels luxurious, as does the product. I am now in the routine of popping on this heavenly blend of oils before I jump into bed, being sure to work it into hands and nails. Sadly not something I feel I could justify the whole year round (my account would flip!) However I would say it is perfect for a one off treat or a gift for someone who needs a little extra TLC this festive season.

3. Lipstick Queen, Medieval

Christmas time is awash with a mix of berry tones and statement red lips. But what if you are just wanting a subtle hint of colour for every day wear? Medieval has become a staple for me this winter and barely makes it out of my handbag. The texture is hydrating and adds a touch of colour that is universally flattering. This is my go-to choice when I want something quick and easy that is kind to lips. Add for a wash of colour or layer it to make the cherry tint more vibrant. With this blush shade for lips, it gives the effect that you have just been running around in the snow. You may find you need to reapply often, but personally I don't mind. Easy to wear, looks great on everyone, and currently one of my most favourite things I own.

No brainer.

4. Joico K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor

Having long hair in winter means that you need to take extra care. Joico have an incredible range of hair care for every type on the spectrum but let me tell you that this reconstructor is practically a miracle in a bottle. Leaving it on for just 5 minutes as part of your shower routine will help repair, rebuild and return locks to their former glory. It can be used on a variety of hair lengths and structures and is what I reach for when my hair feels a little dull or battered by the elements. I love that I can do something kind for my hair in just 5 minutes, however if you have a little more time on your hands feel free to potter around the house and let the product do its thing. Shiny, strong and manageable hair. So long scarf dreadlocks!

Swish Swish.

5. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Ultra Moisturising Lip Balm Dark Chocolate & Mint

Ending with easily the cheapest thing on my winter menu. Sometimes we just need to keep it simple.

I love most offerings from Palmer's as they do a fine rage of moisturisers and body products. I could be stating the obvious, but one of the best things that you can keep by your side in winter is a lipbalm. Sure, you can decide to splurge and there are plenty of choices out there if you decide to splash the cash, but this one is great choice. The Palmer's formula is packed with Vitamin E and SPF which will keep you feeling like a smooh operator. I chose the Dark chocolate and Peppermint one mainly because it is delicious, but they offer the original formula for plain Janes or a cherry option if you would rather have a pretty pout with a hint of tint.

These are frequently on offer at your nearest Boots or Superdrug, so I don't blame you for grabbing a little stash. A bargain buy for this season, and hey...if you happen to stumble under some mistletoe, you'll be ready.

You should share your winter favourites below. What can you not be without this season? Let me know!



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