Saturday, 19 December 2015

The final countdown...

It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN... (do do doo doo, do do do do doo)...

You've written those last few emails, popped on your out of office and are getting ready to wave your desk goodbye for the holidays. Could there be a more incredible feeling in this lifetime? No more work for 2 whole weeks and nothing but dinner, movies and Cadbury's selection boxes ahead. Hooray!

Yesterday marked the end of another year at the office, and by lunch time we were gently warming a little mulled wine in china tea cups and gathering around our computers to ease in the season with a few festive tunes.

On traditionally named "fall-down Fridays" offices all over the land dawni garish Christmas jumpers or a hint of sparkle to go on the legendary Christmas night out. At the university this took the form of a somewhat civilised affair and a sit down dinner in the Debating hall followed by a little time relaxing at the bar. A glass of fizz, a beautifully decorated tree and a sprinkling of tinsel here and there helped us with all those seasonal feels.

Yes, you may have a glass of wine too many as you read the embarrassing jokes and play with the lame gifts in the crackers but the Christmas night out marks the end of another working year. A time to dress up and let your hair down, but also a time to celebrate the highs and lows of the year that has gone by. There are things we will be eternally proud of. There are those things that we could have/should have done differently and vow to get right next time.

When all is said sometimes there is a tendency to dwell on the lows and get caught up in the mundane of our day to day when what we ought to do is focus on the highlights and the people we have around us. Life can throw us a curve ball and take us on an unexpected turn, but often when it does it will helpfully place some pretty amazing people in our path that we wouldn't have met otherwise. Don't you think so?

So perk up, put on your party hat and embrace the moment, wherever you are. Whether you share hilarious stories together, offer a cheeky toast to times gone by or throw down your best moves to T-swizzle, rock around the Christmas tree with your friends and have a happy holiday!



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