Thursday, 10 December 2015

Step into Christmas...

14 days to go. Are you feeling those Christmas vibes?

Are you hanging your stocking on the wall? Maybe you are planning to go to a carol service to help you embrace the spirit of the season? (incidentally, I know of a great one happening this weekend in Edinburgh, if you are free)... but more on that later.

We all engage in a few weird and wonderful traditions to help get us into the swing of Christmas, from the deep and meaningful to the little touches that help fill us with Christmas cheer. For me, winter time and the inevitable roulette of Scottish weather means 'tis the season... for a lush bath.

Joy to the world!

A sweet friend of mine as an unexpected (but very welcome) surprise popped a peeping santa on my desk at work because she knew I was facing a difficult day ahead. The smallest of gestures sometimes speak the loudest, and this is often the case with straight-up old fashioned kindness. Tis the season to be jolly, sure. But tis the season to also be kind, thoughtful and loving.

The Lush bath is a wonderful thing. I can avoid that store in all its perfumed haze for a good 8 month stretch, however as soon as the winter chill hits...I want a bath. Every day (for as long as I can get away with it!)

There is always something new to try. A fancy colourful concoction. Something that fizzes or melts. And who isn't a sucker for a limited Christmas edition of fun little treats?

Stepping into a bath is like stepping into Christmas. (Yeah I know, that song is my jam.) Taking time for a bath allows us to step into something warm, relaxing that soothes us which in turn helps us to step out of the crazy chaos. Time stands still, well... until you get prune fingers.

Tis the busiest of all seasons and I'm fairly sure your diary is bursting with drinks, gatherings and parties but remember there is no shame in calling TIME when you need a few moments of calm. We don't want to so busy ourselves that we forget to take time to experience, engage and appreciate everything around us. Presence, not presents.

There is nothing like a little festive FOMO to elevate our stress levels, but trust me now could be the perfect time.


RESET the clock.

The rest of the year may be flying by at a lightning pace, but don't you think that it is all the more reason to take it slow?


If you would rather step into christmas together...come join us for some Christmas Carols.

The Deets
Central: Jesus at the Heart
3.30pm or 6.30pm
Sunday 13th December
Central: Jesus at the Heart
Tollcross, Edinburgh (just check the website for directions)


  1. Lovely blog post Claire. Keep up the great work and loving the Christmas spirit series!

    1. Oh how sweet you are! Hoping it is helping you to feel Christmassy in Canada. Thanks for encouraging! x


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