Thursday, 24 December 2015

One more sleep... more more sleep to go. Are you excited?

Whether you are cracking out another tin of Quality Street/Roses; sipping hot chocolate; bopping around the living room to Bublé or cuddling up to Love Actually on loop, we have only one more sleep left until Christmas Day.

No matter how old we get, Christmas always seems to have a certain kind of magic to it. It is always special to gather family together and share in those age old traditions and feel...well, like a kid at Christmas.

Part of me can't quite believe that the year has zipped by and we find ourselves on the doorstep of Christmas once more. This holiday is looking a little different for our household. Downgraded, but not in a bad way. We are focusing on the smaller details. Happy to find alternatives or compromises and ever in celebration of "plan B".

I am poking/prodding presents much to the dismay of my brother who insists (even at 33 years old) that we have to wait because "those are the rules." Truth is, I am excited for presents, even if they don't have mine name on the gift tag. Dad is watching Jamie Oliver in the vain hope that he may be able to glean a few last minute tips and tricks for the dinner table.

Hold on a sec. Let's take a moment here: can you even imagine how wonderful it would be to spend Christmas Day at Jamie's?

Mum and I are laying the festive table with a slightly alternative feel, because, let's face it... it's easier and quite frankly still looks pretty jolly.

Blog HQ wishes you all a very merry, happy, healthy Christmas. May you truly feel the very best of the season this year. As we unwrap our gifts, embrace each other with well wishing and begin to draw this year to its close, remember to look past the turkey and treats and to the true meaning of Christmas. These are simply embellishments that decorate the heart of an inspiring message.

Look beyond.

Search for more.

Tomorrow is a day that changed history. You have nothing to lose when considering the reason for this particular season. And everything to gain...



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