Thursday, 17 December 2015

Lines & Current

Sometimes within modern day street style there is a growing appetite to go back to basics. Muted colours, uncomplicated style and simple pieces we can trust, because at the end of the day we know they work.

This Belfast brand have caught my attention for the Autumn/Winter season with their minimalist aesthetic and a desire to give something back by way of collaboration with a variety of worthy causes. This provides all those that love their brand a chance to look good, feel good and do good.

As the winter sun began to fade one chilly afternoon, I headed to a secluded secret garden in Edinburgh's iconic old town to shoot a few images and spotlight a little attention on Lines & Current.

It is often frustrating to perfect a killer hair routine only to have your efforts dashed when you are forced to hide it under a winter hat. Headbands allows you to accessorise your outfit and fight off the winter chill without the inconvenience of shockingly bad hat hair ruining your "do". Believe me, I have been there. Cue impressive bird's nest.

I selected the Navy MARTA headband from the range (£9.99.) The jersey material is incredibly soft with enough stretch to get it around my abundant barnet. The knot can be placed at the front, however I found that it is equally comfortable when swivelled around and worn to the back... you know, if you are prone to switching things up.

I adore the way this looks and again found myself reflecting on Danish/Norwegian street style, made so effortless by those happy, healthy Scandinatives. I would often be sipping on a latte, huddled under a blanket in my hygge hideout of choice, turning the pages of a magazine as countless women strutted the streets oozing that effortless Scandi-chic. Practically perfect in every way.

Ok, so I can't carry my groceries, sip a coffee and navigate those bustling bicycle lanes at evening rush hour, but would I be so bold as to propose that I wanted to connect with a little bit of that in my own personal style? Whilst I am positive that many carry it off better than I, wearing the Marta allows the me the chance to channel a little of that vibe at home.

Next up are THE HENNING sunglasses (£21.99.) I chose the tortoiseshell frame which feature a miniature L& inscribed on the trademark wooden leg. Words can scarcely contain my love for these fashion savvy frames. They certainly give a nod to other high end wooden frames on the market, however as far as THE HENNING are concerned the price point is as impressive as the quality, allowing me to spare a few pennies for a rainy day.

Whether large lenses allure you or you need something to throw on your face when life calls for a minimal make up day, these are a wonderful choice. Wrap yourself in a blanket scarf, ruffle your hair, pop on the specs and a little lipstick/lipbalm and you are good to run out the door and seize life by both hands.

Slightly shameful admission, but there is something about wearing these frames that makes me feel super cool. And yes, I will probably end up slipping on some street snow or tripping over a curb as I run for that bus, but at least these can go a small way to saving face. Then I would be quite literally falling for Lines & Current in a very real way.

Delighted to know that even though I have fled to distant shores for over a decade, amazing style is still coming out of Belfast- placing Northern Ireland on the map for reasons I can be proud of.

There might be quite a lot of Scot in me, but Northern Ireland will always be home to my roots. It is time this land is famous for the right reasons and I think brands like Lines & Current are central to this effort.

Rebekah Johanson and those who support her in this fashionable outfit are a personal inspiration. They ensure that you can accessorise your style with on trend pieces that won't clean out your wallet and perhaps play a small role in something greater.

Lines & Current instil hope and help change lives and that will always be something to quicken my heart. They donate part of the profit to a variety of charitable causes which allow them to give something back and to affect positive change. It is cool to think that there are little elements of Lines & Current all around us, in a way. I look forward to looking on as a tribe of L&C women spring up all over the country as they increase their reach.

This brand evoke a real feeling of lived in, boho, beautiful simplicity. It seems that the heart of this brand will always be first and foremost about people and personal connection with customers to help women feel a little more like themselves and at home in their own skin. To me, this kindles what true beauty is really about. We should really work a little harder to keep it simple.

Less is more...

How can I connect with Lines & Current?
Facebook: Lines & Current
Twitter: @linesandcurrent
Instagram: @linesandcurrent


  1. Lovely post and photos. Great brand, do they ship stateside or to Canada?

    1. Hi Autumn. Thank you, it's definitely one of my favourite posts so far. I believe they offer free UK shipping but low international rates, so just pop them a quick email to check details x


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