Saturday, 5 December 2015

Let's mull it over...

I'm sure you have heard the stories...

Edinburgh is pretty magical at Christmas. Twinkly lights adorn the city and it illuminates like a giant Christmas tree. Everyone looks forward to this time of year as the German market has come to town, and it wants to be noticed.

Each person has their favourite little tradition.

Maybe you enjoy the crazy rides that allow you the chance to scream your head off with child-like glee. Maybe you want to snap up that pair of sheepskin slippers for dad's perfect stocking filler. Or perhaps mum really wants a little wooden figurine to set off her mantelpiece. You know, to go with the other 500.

Personally, for me it is all about the mulled wine/cider and maybe the occasional sweet treat or two. Nothing helps you get more into the spirit of Christmas than cupping a hot mug of gluhwein. Kind of sweet, slightly spicy and completely brimming with all the winter feels. The stalls are packed with crafts of every kind. More than you can even imagine. However, I believe that what people enjoy most is the art of crafting memories.

It might be your first awkward skate date. It was your suggestion. You thought it would be romantic (like in the films) and may have promised to be the Torvil to his Dean, but you are more like Bambi on Ice.

It could be festive fun with friends as you enjoy the Christmas lights together in your favourite city. You share a little wine and many laughs and when you add everything together you feel insanely lucky to have them in your life.

Mulled wine is perfect for cold hands, and warms the body for but a second. Friends, love and laughter warm our hearts forever...



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