Monday, 7 December 2015

Havin' a ball...

"You shall go to the ball!"

A winter ball to be precise...Ooh, festive.

There is something quite lovely about making the effort to dress up for the evening. A big part of me loves the ritual of it. Picking out a pretty dress, fixing your hair, a hint of lipstick and adding a little sparkle to the equation. I am not usually one for glitter, but if you can't add a touch of shimmer at Christmas or New Year, then when on earth can you?!

Festive gatherings are all kinds of wonderful. Whether you are mingling with friends over a glass of bubbly, swooning to your first taste of Bublé or busting out your latest experimental dance moves as you shake-it-off to Swifty. Occasions like this bring people together, and that in itself is a kind of magic.

The added bonus of indulging the festive season on Scottish soil is that usually there is some manner of ceilidh involved. Whilst my birth certificate doesn't exactly testify to the fact, there is nothing that makes me feel more Scottish or at home than a ceilidh.

You may know each dance like the back of your hand; test your endurance during the Orcadian "strip the willow" or quickly learn that your arms bruise like a peach. Or perhaps you are that guy/gal that revels in walking the newbie through their first steps because let's face it, they don't know their Canadian Barn Dance from their Military Two-Step.

I heart it all.

Fun. Music. Dancing. People... Not just for Christmas, right?


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