Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Good news...

Everyone loves a piece of good news.

Finding something that was lost. A friend is unexpectedly in town. Feeling happy because you get that certain result.

Good news brings relief.

Calms fear.

Encourages joy to well up within us.

It can arise over the smallest most insignificant thing that, chances are, may not even matter to anyone else. It can be something huge that we were literally hanging on the wire for. You know, the big stuff. Something that within a second could alter the very landscape of the remaining few pages of this calendar and carry you into a whole new year.

Christmas is a season for good news. For glad tidings of comfort and joy. Isn't that what the carols say?

Yesterday was a day for receiving good news. It was good news that the festive season had begun, for rest and a little play as we all put work on the shelf for a few days. It was good news that after a whole year I was coming back to be reunited with family to share in the holiday season together.

It was good news that after a few weeks of anguish and worry, my mum received encouraging results following a difficult diagnosis and some tricky, painful surgery. News like this alleviates worry. A huge burden that weighed heavy from a long period of waiting is instantly lightened.

Hope is expected.

Futures are brighter.

People can relax again.

There is even the sound of happy laughter that breaks through tense silence. A silence that felt both empty and deafening.

It is among life's greatest blessings to have the support of people that love us. People surround us. Bless us with small gestures. Figure out the details to enable us to take a load off. Pray on our behalf. Journey with us.

This Christmas we count our blessings, and also count ourselves fortunate to have incredible family and friends, and a loving God. This is perhaps the best news.


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  1. So glad to share the good news with you Claire and to know that this Christmas will be as beautiful and warm as any other at the McCullough house. You and your family are truly gems! Keep up this blog, and keep pouring your fun, quirky spirit into it! It's a blast to read :)


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