Thursday, 3 December 2015

game change

This is my mum, Arlene.

This picture was taken as we braved the winter chill last year for some shopping and a signature Starbucks "red cup" to get us into the holiday season. I remember how we joked about how she looked like she was taking a trip to Russia. What a hat.

Christmas is going to look a little different for us this year.

We had high hopes as a family that we would be gallivanting around some chilly location in Europe, probably heavily organised by me with an amazing itinerary. So what, I like to plan!

With mum and dad's Ruby wedding anniversary in June and mum celebrating her 65th birthday shortly after, it has been quite a significant year so we thought it could be fitting to round it off in style by doing something a little different this holiday.

All plans have quickly been forgotten as mum received a shock diagnosis of cancer that none of us were ever expecting. Every day seems like a battle to wrap your mind around it, just about. But what next?

Christmas will now be a time of rest after fairly complex surgery and a wait to start further treatment. Any niggles I've experienced about not wanting to repeat our "status quo" Christmas for yet another year quickly pale into insignificance. It would seem that a restful time with family will be exactly what is needed this year. Nothing like life to help you redress your priorities in a heartbeat.


This Christmas won't be filled with thrills and spills for this insatiable wanderlust. It will be time spent at home making endless cups of tea for my sweet mum as she recovers. It will be filled with hysterical laughter as we attempt to play that board game none of us quite understands. It will be "all hands on deck" for a quiet family meal together. It will be playing music while the embers of that winter fire gently fade.

This season, readjust your priorities. You never quite know when your game will change.

Resolve that family feud, because in truth no-one can quite pinpoint exactly how it started. Extend a hand of friendship by writing that overdue letter to someone as an olive branch as you learn to swallow your pride a little. Value your friends and family greater than treasure and hold those you love tightly, because you never know when they might need you most...



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