Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing clever...

So... there goes Christmas...

Boxing Day has dawned.

You are considering chocolate for breakfast. PJS all day. You have the urge to Nama-stay in bed and you will probably have a mini repeat of yesterday's dinner. Mum will make enough sandwiches to feed an army. Or maybe you might get creative in trying to use every last piece of your turkey to make soup or some other strange concoction because you watched Jamie Oliver do it once and you reckon it will be a piece of cake. Haha... I had a lovely Christmas Day, did you?

My day began with as I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and sipped my coffee with no real rush or agenda. I enjoyed picking out a festive outfit.

I took real pleasure in the art of "getting ready" know, festive make up touches, curling your hair etc. Truth to be told, we were kind of channeling the relaxed spirit of PJs all day, but there is something quite lovely about making an effort. Sure, I might have looked like I was getting ready to hop on over to the Grammy's and potentially the poster girl for "all dressed up and nowhere to go".

The reality is that this didn't bother me at all. It was Christmas Day, and everyone likes to feel a little bit special at Christmas, right?

As predicted, dad's militant dinner plan practically went off without hitch (apart from that brief moment that mum "mislaid" his itinerary and the rest of the day was hanging in the balance.) Bravo dad, what an incredible job!

I must admit, I am usually quite keen to crack open those presents before the clock strikes twelve, however on this occasion there was something nice about pacing the day. Even if it does fight against everything natural in me to shake, rattle and roll those presents across the floor as I attempt to guess what is inside.

I hope that in the hustle, bustle, wrapping, glitter and tinsel you managed to slow things down to take some time this Christmas. We don't often take the time to take things slow, but it does the heart the world of good.

We dined and chatted. We sipped wine and listened to Christmas songs. We exchanged presents and filled the house with laughter as we remembered what a rare gift it is to all be in one place at one time.

Don't you think that today kick starts the most curious few days of the entire year?

Meal times are back-to-front. You can't remember what day it is. Are the shops open? Can we expect normal mail? Can I still eat treats for breakfast without the fear of intense judgment?

2015 is coming to a close and after the excitement and festive buzz that Christmas offers begins to dissipate, we start to take stock of the year. Things we've accomplished. Our experiences. New places we have traveled. People we have met along the way. Getting to know those already in our life a little better. On a personal note this year has also famously been the "year of the blog", and that hopefully means exciting things are on the way for 2016.

I wanted to say a big thanks to anyone who has journeyed through "There goes Christmas" with me. You guys are swell.

From today things will get more back to normal back here at HQ, but it has been fun to set myself a little challenge to post pretty often on the countdown to Christmas. Did you enjoy it? Be honest. I like honest.

With this in mind, let me just say that your support means a lot as I continue on my little path with the blog. If it is something you are interested in I would encourage you to...

Keep reading.

Keep suggesting improvements.

Keep sharing with friends.

Keep leaving comments.

Allow me dream a little bigger and reach a touch further as I take "There goes Claire" into 2016. As my expression might suggest, I am rather looking forward to it...



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