Monday, 14 December 2015

A light has come...

Christmas day is next Friday- say what?

Last night we celebrated our annual carol service together at Central; one of the leading churches in Edinburgh's city centre. Christmas is my favourite time of year in the life of this particular church, as we put a lot of effort into making things truly special for the holiday season.

We extend warm invites to friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to come join with us as we share in this time. This is something that is always better when experienced together. Well seasoned church goers and new faces young and old (and all the stages in between) come to discover more of the message of hope that is offered to all this Christmas time.

We love the twinkle of dainty fairy lights and singing our favourite carols. We adore the sense of joy and occasion that Christmas brings to us, but it might just go far beyond embarrassing jumpers and mulled wine, doesn't it? A message of light and hope that changes lives forever, and only for the better.

Oh holy night!

Maybe what you crave right now is a dramatic act of light, hope and love to come crashing into your world and transform things on a monumental scale. Maybe at this point you can only catch a small glimmer of light just in your eye line that fuels expectation for something better in the coming year. Hope does many things and has the incredible ability to change what it touches. Hope infiltrates politics. Alters work places. Strengthens relationships. Reconciles division. Restores damage and rescues what is lost.

Maybe those countless Etsy prints and Insta-encouragers have something here: the best is yet to come.

Phenomenal promise. Staggering reality. Overwhelming gratitude. Could we share in being a light for this city? And how do we better invest in a vision to enhance this illuminating glow?

For those who are interested, the evening featured a stunning track from Gungor feat. All Sons and Daughters, "Oh Light". The live performance of this was beautiful, but feel free to check out the song HERE.

Some of the talented Central team also made a wonderful film, #ALightForThisCity. I thoroughly recommend giving it a watch.

Oh Light
Come to reconcile
Come in like a child
Holy night

Oh Light
Our hopes and all our fears
Met within your sight
Holy night


How to connect with Central?
Twitter: @JesusAtTheHeart


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