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Finally fashion meets function and they appear to be getting on like a house on fire. Rogues have a swanky style, are on trend, keep your feet comfortable and will ensure that you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Blogosphere magazine kindly approached me in the hope that I would review a pair of these colourful beauties from new shoewear brand, Rogues. Unfamiliar with the brand, I found that I didn't need to delve too deep in order to discover that they were whipping up something of a vibrant storm on the fashion field. Their approach is simple, but seemed to offer something that I felt personally was lacking in footwear arenas.

Often within women's fashion, high heels create something of a false ideal for your average girl-about-town. One size doesn't necessarily fit all. This being said, we can't deny that our footwear is one of the most personal elements of our style. The platforms and pointy stilettos of Parisian street-style aren't practical for a daily look and if you are lucky enough to find trendy alternatives your feet will be first to thank you, and breathe a large sigh of relief.

On a recent jaunt to Copenhagen, I was blown away by those great Danes in how effortlessly they marry style and comfort. Could they really have it all? With more bicycles than people at estimate, Danish dames need to reflect trends whilst maintaining a practical edge. After all, one would find it pretty tricky to cycle across the city in stilts, agreed? Taking this as my inspiration, I feel that Rogues further accentuate that "style-savvy", practical aesthetic whilst echoing current and emerging trends.

I was sent the "Sherbet" style from the collection. On opening the box, it is clear that Rogues are no wall flower. They command attention from first glance to first prance. If you are looking for a subtle, discreet, retiring violet- jog on. Rogues seem to have executed a cunning plan in their clever selection of colour and print for Autumn/Winter 15. They demand to be noticed, but not like that loud, embarrassing girl at a party. With hot hues, plush materials and a mix of textures, these shoes are somewhat of a full sensory experience.

The brand endeavoured to create the comfort and fit of a trainer whilst retaining the upper appeal of a brogue. Brand pioneer Katie Harland created Rogues after a quest to seek her own swag solution. Unable to find her perfect fit, she believed that Rogues offered an alternative style when others weren't deemed fit for occasion. When what you desire isn't out there, others seek to create and innovate and this is a process that I will always be first in line to support. I fully expect that after gaining a little traction from fashion week exposure, they will be hot-footing it into many wardrobes all across the country. Sumptuously smooth leather from refined Portuguese technique, pony skin and vibrant laces are a few of the features you will find when slipping into a pair of Rogues. I think you will be quick to agree that they are onto a winning formula.

Rogues can be styled in any way you choose, it really depends what jives with your usual look. I find that a pair as vibrant and eye catching as the "Sherbets" are best paired with a more neutral, almost monochromatic palette. Throwing too many colours into the mix in any one outfit can often feel distracting and overdone. If you select a few neutral basics-white, grey, black, navy- a pair of Rogues act as the "pièce de résistance" that will ensure that your outfit is complete. A black winter wool coat, grey polo, blanket scarf and black skinny jean are instantly offset by these happy little conversation starters.

They were comfortable from first wear, after the standard pacing around your home to break in any new pair of kicks. This is all thanks to the sole. They are ideal for an autumnal crunch around my usual stomping ground in beautiful Scotland and I feel that they are the perfect option to brighten even the darkest, dreary night of the Autumn/Winter season.

Flats are firmly back on the map. Be yourself. Wear what works...Take a walk on the bolder side and colour your world.

A generous thanks is extended to new brands like Rogues that want to stand up and be counted. This brand have captured public attention at London Fashion week and don't intend to tread softly. I predict that this could be one rogue I am prepared to love...

How to connect with Rogues?
Twitter: @roguesshoes
Facebook: Rogues
Instagram: @rogues_uk
Pair featured: Sherbet, £150 *currently on offer for £79*



  1. Love it Claire! As always you're a brilliant writer, a witty conversationalist and a real beauty! Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks for encouraging, Autumn. Always so happy to know people are enjoying it and that I am on the right track x


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