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number 659, glasgow

Number 659 crash landed in Glasgow at the beginning of July and has rocked the Great Western road ever since.

The Concept

Salon owner Stacie and trusty business sidekick David had the desire to cater for a much needed gap in the market where they found some aspects of current salon culture wanting. Windows crowded with posters and a relentless "hard-sell" approach on products weren't their cup of tea, so they sought out to create a friendly, customer centred space that would set them a cut above the rest. A minimalist, fuss-free aesthetic would allow clients to feel completely at ease to relax solo or spend time with friends.

It became clear that this is not just an appointment, it is an experience.

Fresh from travels around Oslo and Copenhagen, I know all too well that Scandi design does much to quench my thirst for a zen, relaxing atmosphere. I wanted to experience what they were proposing first hand by visiting the salon to indulge in a couple of their treatments and take a little quality "time out". I opted for a classic red nail look with the 1 week Vinylux manicure from industry champions, CND in the sweetly named shade "Lobster Roll." I also enlisted the skill and talent of Kirsty for a pin-curl blow dry. This lady is probably the best in the west.

The Catch

Truth be told, I struggled to find a single one. The salon wants you to set the tone of your visit whether you want to chitchat the day away, or just unwind with a drink as you enjoy a pamper sesh. The choice is yours. Some want to giggle and chat while other customers crave a little recess and the thought of kicking back with a coffee and a magazine in their own little bubble sounds like heaven.

They promise not to ask endless predictable questions about your latest beach holiday. They won't laden you up with products having guilted you into purchase before you run out the door. Honestly, you will leave feeling like you have found a friend rather than fleeing a crafty salesman.

The Client

The staff at Number 659 care about your overall enjoyment of their salon and will place you firmly in the driving seat so your time with them is personal, bespoke and entirely unique. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance here. Their job is done when you bounce out feeling happy, looking incredible and dying to return.

Their treatments jive with your time frame, so whether you want the "full works" or simply to fill a lunch break they can tailor something just for you. The woman about town, the working mum, the uni gal reunion or the bride to be. I love that they cater to all types and tastes.

You can trust that they will never force a look on any client or pressure you into chopping those luscious locks because a "lob" is trending on twitter. They will listen to your requests, check out some pics, take a peek at what you are working with and use their honed expertise to create the look you crave. From routine trim to full transformation, they are happy to join you on your journey whether you choose to play it safe or are a famed colour chameleon.

The "Chicas"


Meet the girls: Stacie, Caroline, Ashley and Kirsty. They are the "Charlie's angels" of the west end, each having a unique speciality (colour, cut, blow dry, nails/beauty) which means that when they combine, something magical was bound to happen. These ladies have a wide variety of experience under their toolbelts and they will ensure that clients are placed with the best fit for the task.

The Culture

Number 659 pride themselves on the client collab. Whether you change your colour more than your breakfast cereal, want a chic nail look for the festive season, a dramatic cut or a classic pin curl blow dry to feel like a star for the day, they can achieve it. No request is too outrageous or tweak too small. I adore their zest for life and "can do" attitudes. To me, they are the poster board for doing what you love and loving what you do.

The Contour

The salon will always have their finger on the pulse of industry trends, but feel most at home by celebrating their own unique approach.

Contouring has flooded the beauty industry when everything went a little Kim-K, but did you know that you could actually sculpt and enhance your personal face shape with the use of colour, tone and highlighting techniques? Think less "tiger stripes" of the 90s and more beautifully blended hues.

These ladies have seen every variation of ombre and bronde with a rainbow in between and will use their skill to perfectly place your colour and work with shades and tones to fully flatter your face shape. Our hair-no matter if we have a cropped pixie cut or Rapunzel locks- is one of our most defining features. It can change our entire look in an instant, so they want to guarantee that the final effect totally complements your individual sense of style.

The Coffee/Cocktails

A little it of what we fancy always does us good, yes? If you want to huddle around a cosy cup of Dear Green Coffee from neighbouring cafe The Great Western Sandwich Co or crack open the cocktails to help with that Friday feeling, these ladies are ready to plunge the java or pour some fizz at your request. Just say the word...

The Conclusion

I love the ethos behind Number 659, including everything it stands for and I will certainly return if I ever find myself in their neighbourhood. These girls have brought a fresh injection of colour and style to the fashion fanatical west end. Their success in such a short time speaks volumes and clients leave as bouncy and full of life as their barnets. They are truly onto a winner and not simply full of hot air.

The one thing we can always feel assured of in this life is that people TALK. News of Number 659 is spreading like wildfire through this trendy town and I will bet my bottom dollar that they won't be hair today, gone tomorrow...

Where to connect with Number 659?
Facebook: number659
Twitter: @salonnumber659
Instagram: number659

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