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Sara Hill Makeup

Meet Scotland's very own Sara Hill.

The Person

Who is she, I hear you ask? You better believe the hype. Take it from me, this woman is putting Glasgow and Scotland firmly on the map within the creative sector. A self-confessed "Jack of all Trades" she can be seen turning her hand (or brush) to anything that provides further outlets for her creative expression. Artist Director of a dynamic and successful Make-up Academy, Magazine Editor, Celebrity Make-Up Artist and now proud product pioneer behind "Sara Hill Make Up" it is easy to see exactly how she is leaving her mark. If her career in industry were a child, it would be packing its suitcase and heading off to university by now... Suffice to say that she knows what she is talking about.

I was fortunate enough to visit her Studio in central Glasgow for a sneak-peek at the beautiful show room and to share in her latest launch of the cosmetic range. And all this with a glass of fizz? Ooh, fancy.

The Pad

On first impression, I can see that Sara Hill doesn't only "do" make-up, she fully engages in her creative space. The studio is a white-washed wonderland packed with quirky decor, trendy lighting, retro pieces with a modern twist, copper accents, product "play-area" and personal DIY-projects that have been incorporated into the final look of her unique, small-but-perfectly-formed HQ.

Sara isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and get handy with a tin of spray paint or work with small companies with big ideas. For example, her central display stand for eyeshadows and lipsticks is made from re-purposed old wood from skirting boards and this rests upon two dog cages, now spray painted with a copper finish and interwoven with greenery. Complete proof that if it doesn't already exist, you can totally make it happen. I get the feeling that this woman knows exactly what she wants and has a knack of creating it out of thin a magician.

So, do I have your attention?

The Purpose

Sara's approach to make-up is a happy blend where artistic flair meets a firm grounding in make-up artistry. Her product range has been in development for a solid five years which is reflective of her perfectionist character and need to get everything just right. Combined with her vast industry experience, this makes for a happy pairing. She clearly takes a lot of pride in her brand and works with only the best suppliers to create flawless bases and bold eye/lip combinations for editorial use or simply for your daily look.

She is keen to shy away from layering make-up on to camouflage natural beauty and by talking to her it is clear that what she craves most is for people to play to their strengths. What eye colour do you have and what makes that "pop"? You have a beautiful skin tone, what shades fully complement your natural canvas? Bambi lashes? Fantastic. Take a long look in the mirror and pick out some highlights that are unique to you, and that is the perfect place to begin your journey.

There is real sense that this brand is not heavy on the "hard sell". Sara creates a sense of freedom and fun with her products and wants you to feel right at home as you discover her range and what may work best for you. I adored the "product play area" where you can try on different shades and finishes to your heart's content at the large vanity table. Her helpful team are on hand to provide guidance with your choices or handy hints for application but there is no feeling that someone's eyes are constantly over your shoulder, and that is what I really love.

Sara and her team want you to feel free to create your own style using her range and find the best version of yourself.

The Print

As with all best ideas, it is always smart to get things down on paper, right? Welcome HOPE ST. Another branch of the Sara Hill empire. This publication offers cultural expression within the fashion industry via a team of highly skilled influencers. It is as much a visual spectacle as it is a joy to read. A style handbook for those who like to veer a little "off piste" and a team that embrace dynamic, innovative thinking whilst remaining grounded and refreshingly honest with their readership. A vibrant voice that challenges the creatives of today and inspires those that are to come. The future looks bright for HOPE ST, and you can pick up your copy at WHS Smith or a number of individual stockists.

The Products

Her base was the original "baby" and things took off from here. I am currently trialling the Velvet Sheer foundation for myself and enjoy its liquid-y texture, light, smooth and hydrating finish. Perfect for a little coverage where you need it or build this up in thin layers. Sara then branched out into colour and this is celebrated in her playful range of lipsticks, lipglosses, pigments, glitters and eyeshadows.

The bases and lip colours are packed full of good ingredients such as Vitamins A, E, B5, Panthenol, Soy Bean Extract, Shea Butter, Avocado and Jojoba. So whilst they look visually stunning you can also rest assured that you they are being kind to your skin. Yes!

I have personally tried a few items from the range, so here are my top picks:

Luxury Face Primer-I haven't used many primers in the past but this is a lovely skin treat to use after skincare and under your normal base. It leaves that "lit from within" glow that all beauty aficionados crave. Perfect for those casual make-up days to give a hint of dewiness to your complexion or to act as a smooth base for your usual foundation routine. This primer keeps things radiant and will help your face feel fresh from 9 til' 5 and beyond.

Lipstick (shades Valentina and Dozen Roses)-Lip products are where Sara starts to come into her own. If you are after a sheer wash of colour or something neutral there are plenty other avenues to turn to. She simply wants to have fun with it and has created a selection of vibrant choices to completely transform your look. "Dozen Roses" is a deep rose shade in a creamy matte formula that leaves a strong pop of colour with a hydrating finish. Don't be afraid to opt for matte, as these lippys will ensure that the moisture is locked in with no flakes or crumbles. "Valentina" amps things up a notch with a deep cerise pink.

Blush (shade Orchid)- Blush is amongst my favourite of all beauty products. This soft rose, baked mineral blush is highly pigmented and gives instant radiance for a fresh face.

The Pop-Ups

Keep your eyes peeled, Sara Hill are planning some pop-ups shops in a town near you. Top locations are Aberdeen, Edinburgh (of course) and London town. Make sure to follow her to keep up to date so that when she rolls in, you will have your purse ready...

There you have it.

I have high hopes for all happenings on Hope Street. So, when are you going to visit or what will be in your first order? Time to make-up your mind...

Where do I go for more info?
Sara Hill Make Up
93 Hope Street
Fourth Floor
Rm. 308
Central Chambers
(Opposite from Central Station)

Twitter: @sarahillmakeup
Instagram: @sarahillmakeup


  1. Love this Clairey! Thanks for keeping us all updated and prettified!

  2. Thanks Autumn! I really hope you enjoyed the post x

  3. Really good review. She's an incredible character. I'm looking forward to seeing what you write next xx

    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed meeting Sara and writing about the experience. I have just been going through some of your work etc- WOW! Would be keen to do more in future. Contact me via the page to chat more about this! x


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