Monday, 17 August 2015

I can't get no sleep

Never been famed for being the world's deepest sleeper, I know more than most that it can be a tad tricky to unwind at the end of the day.

Finding it hard to catch those vital "Zzzzs" recently as you hop on the train to Bedfordshire? Consider these few pointers we can all use to get a better kip:

1. Can the caffeine

You know me. No-one appreciates a hot cuppa as much as I do, but I think those who scrap their caffeine intake after dinner hours might be onto something here. This doesn't have to be a boring endeavour, trust me. That time after your evening meal is the perfect window to swap your countless lattes or bucket-sized mugs of Tetley for something a little more zen. Favourites include Teapigs Chocolate and Mint*, Tea Pigs Apple and Cinnamon*, Twinings Buttermint or Teapigs Super Fruit*, for that night-time fix. Believe me, these are delicious options when you wanna live life a little more sans caffeine.

2. Digital Cleanse

Ok, I hold my hands up. I am self-confessed Iphone/Ipad/Instagram/Twitter addict, especially since starting the merry adventure that is "There goes Claire," but sometimes we have to be a little more disciplined when it comes to winding down.

Use of artificial lighting and electronics right up to the point we lay down for some shut eye is one of the top offenders killing our sleep life. Not only are we generally sleeping less, but as technology and connectivity increase, the overall quality of sleep that we receive on an average night is falling. So, whilst maxing out our "blue light" kick during the day is key, overdoing it in the evenings is a total no-no. So turn off your lights, pop on some candles and help your brain chillax in preparation for drift off...

3. Get your "suds" on

I can go for months without indulging in bath products, but when the mood strikes you can find me hitting up Lush in a heartbeat and leaving with an armful of bath bombs and other relaxing treats. There is something to be said for taking a dip in the evening and tweaking it with a little of what you fancy. Love it when bath time gets creative? Pick up something from the Lush store full of fizz and colour. However, if the very thought of rinsing glitter out of your tub breaks you out in a cold sweat, there are plenty other options out there for you to find the right fit.

I have really been enjoying some beautiful oils from Scottish aromatherapy gurus, Beatitudes. They were kind enough to send their "Joy" and "Peace" bath oils* along with their increasingly famous "Skin Salvation" face oil* so that I could put everything to the test. These are now proving to be vital bathroom essentials and I enjoy incorporating them into my evening routine.

Just set the taps running and pop a few drops of the "Peace" oil into the water and swirl. It really is that simple. Packed full with essential oils like Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Mandarin, Petitgrain and Cedarwoood, this doesn't simply smell incredible but it will leave your skin supple, smooth and hydrated without leaving you feelin' all grease lightening. There is something extra special about inhaling the aroma as you relax to further soothe any aches and pains.

If you prefer something a little more uplifting then reach for their "Joy" oil. It is brimming with citrus fragrance and essential oils like Orange, Mandarin, Petitgrain, Grapefruit and Bergamot to bring back a little of your perk. All that is left is to accessorise your bath with a book, cup of something fruity/herbal or a small glass of vino and you can enjoy your little safe haven retreat chez moi..

4. The "wind down"

Everyone enjoys hiding a couple of sidekicks on their night stand. I heartily recommend browsing just about anything from This Works (if you are not familiar with their products already.) I have been reaching for their Deep Sleep Pillow Spray*, Sleep Balm or Deep Sleep Stress Less Roll On. A spritz or two of their pillow spray before you hit the hay will have you nodding off in no time at all. This happy blend of lavender, vetivert and wild camomile will help you drift off into natural slumber and leave you feeling rested, awake and refreshed. Use either their balm or rollerball from the same range to rub into your pulse points for an extra boost. They come in a helpful travel sizes so they are ideal for taking on the road or in the air on any trip.

5. Settle petal

A new addition to my night time routine is the Beatitudes Skin Salvation oil. This is best applied using a short facial massage to ensure that the product is properly absorbed and it feels jolly nice too. If you suffer from a tight jaw or an achey-breaky face, this little ritual works on some acupressure points and really does help things feel nice "n" loose. On the plus side with ingredients such as Rosehip oil, Vitamin E, Oat Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Squalene and Black Cumin Seed Oil it promises to nourish, rejuvenate and lock in moisture which are glad tidings to a girl with a normal/dry complexion. As an added bonus it also contains the anti-aging properties like Rose, Neroli, and Immortelle.

So basically I will look 25, right?


This puts me in the right head space to try and get some rest. If you feel like going the extra mile you could always pop on a sleep mask, which is often not as ridiculous as it sounds. I travel quite a lot so there is always one within easy reach. Mine is from Daydream and with super soft material and many fun prints to choose from it is something to consider for your collection. They come with a cool pack to soothe tired/sore eyes and you can even stick it in the machine to make it sparkly and clean.

Give some of these a try. What are your top tips for relaxation or getting a good snooze?

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


  1. In an ideal world, I would have a bath every night! So works for me. I have no problem turning off as I'm zonked most of the day but getting quality sleep is my problem! Not only on high alert for kids wailing (not so often these nights, thank goodness) but I think too much about little albeit pointless things - a bath melts it all away, loosens the muscles, relaxing my mind. These pillow sprays and miracle oils sound fabby - will have to check them out!! Thanks :)

    1. A bath every night DOES sound ideal, but probably not realistic, kiddies or no kiddies! Sounds like you really need to take it easy. Hoping a few of these tips help you out and give you ideas for a sneaky purchase here and there that might just do the trick! x


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