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So, skincare...we all have our favourite "go-to" products for wiping the day away, making sure our pins are summer ready (even if the weather isn't) or taking extra care when things are feelin' a little parched.

Here is a quick jump through a few things that I have been reaching for to ensure that my skin is squeaky clean and feelin' comfortable...

1. Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel*

Hopefully this bottle is instantly recognisable on bathroom counters across the globe, certainly to any beauty blogger who is worth their weight in cleanser. Step aside all other products. At top billing is this cleansing gel from new brand, Oskia.

Ok, so I will reserve this option for when I am feelin' spendy, but if you crave a spa experience in a bottle, then you need Oskia in your life. I prefer to remove make-up with a wipe or cotton pad soaked in my current micellar fave first and then pump a little of this out onto my hands to take things up a gear. Rub the product between your palms and then enjoy the beautiful fragrance whilst treating yourself to a mini face massage to ooze away those daily stresses. The consistency is pretty interesting to the touch. While classed as a "gel", this is really a balm cleanser in bottle form. Much more preferable to those who refuse to dip their paws in a giant pot. Once it has been suitably worked in, dampen a cloth in hot water and place it on your face and shut out the world for a few seconds. Is there a better feeling?

This cult product has risen through the stratosphere in blogging circles and I am startin' to see why. My only niggle, and it is a small one, is that whilst I enjoy the sturdy feel of the packaging it could benefit from a clear strip down the side of the bottle so that you can tell when you need to re-purchase. I mean, I don't want to be standing at the sink only to find that there isn't a drop left, do I? Sad times.

Keep your eyes peeled, a more in depth review will be making its way to the blog, and SOON.

2. Avène Skin Recovery Cream*

Most of the time, my skin is pretty well behaved (touch wood), apart from the occasional breakout that usually lets me know when I've had too much Cadbury's dairy milk. Oops.

If you want to keep things on the "down low" you are best to source something created for fair maidens and sensitive souls. Bonjour Avène. You don't need me to tell you that no-one does skincare quite like the French. If you want products that are cooling, calming, hydrating and will settle any irritations you may encounter, be sure to take a look. Your best bet is to head down to their aisle in Boots and investigate the range with a closer eye. You can usually find me snapping up their Soothing Moisture Mask when planning a last minute pamper or decanting some into a little bottle to take on a long haul flight. I am also a huge fan of their miniature Thermal Water Spray which is the perfect companion for when things get hot "n" heavy on the tube.

I have been using the Skin Recovery Cream as my day and night moisturiser, unless I want to opt for a mask or thicker night cream. It leaves the skin smooth, supple and perfectly hydrated. Heads up, they also do this cream in a rich formula if you need a little somethin' more. They were lovely enough to send me a selection from their range so stay tuned for more of my thoughts...

3. Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray

Hands up anyone out there that gets lazy with moisturising after a shower? Guilty as charged, however I promise I am getting better. Products like a moisturising spray make it much less of a chore. All I want is something that smells pleasant and gets the job done. I have always been a fan of Palmers and tend to associate it with that summer holiday feelin'. Whether you want a formula with a little more of a moisture boost, a scent free option or even one with a hint of tan in, Palmers seems to have all bases covered. This spray has the signature coconut scent but is a lot faster drying so you won't be standing in a towel flappin' your arms around. Awkward...

4. Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream

Sadly I battle with tired peepers and dark circles, so I will welcome any product that can brighten my day and make me look like I got a few extra hours kip. I have enjoyed this eye cream from Superdrug's own range and have used it as part of my daily routine for quite a while. Some people skip eye cream altogether, but it is a vital step. I found this out around 25/26 when my friend insisted (with a serious face) that "we should be doing this now". A little goes a long way, just dab it on your fingertips and pat gently under your eyes and around the orbital bone. Be careful not to rub or stretch too much, the skin is thin and delicate under our eyes, so easy does it.

If you aren't already using an eye cream, then shame on you. There are a tonne of choices out there so whether you need brightening, de-puffing or want to lose a few of those tell-tale lines and creases...do what works for you.

5. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

Ok, so make-up removing wipes are something of a "marmite" product. They could be your daily saviour or festival friend while others recoil in horror at the very thought (I'm looking at your Caroline Hirons).

Let me make things clear: I don't promote frequent use of wipes as your sole cleansing option, but when you just want to take the day off your face and relax, or keep a few wipes handy on that flight, then I am not going to tell you otherwise. There are definitely varieties out there that straight-up don't agree with my skin type, so it pays to box clever. I have found myself going back to the Simple wipes time after time as they are quite plain, moisturising and free from any nasties that could risk a break out or leave a little sting in the tail.

6. Olay Anti-wrinkle night cream

Prevention is better than cure, isn't that what they say? I am sad to announce that I have reached that time of life where I am lifting products in the aisles with anti-wrinkle in the title and considering them all viable options. Are we here already?

Opinions vary greatly across the board about exactly how soon is too soon to be worrying about your "worry lines", but I say it is never too early to take care of your skin. Just don't get carried away fretting too hard abound the ageing process. Apparently our skin does its mend and repair during those precious hours of slumber so I always put on a generous layer after I have my night routine down to keep everything hydrated and happy til' morning. If you are reading this and are still in your early 20s then you probably can afford to hang fire for a little while... Don't sweat it.

So, do you have any current skin care favourites or brands of the moment? Who are you lovin'? Share you secrets...

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


  1. Hi Claire - personally I hate faffing about cleansing my face. Me and my girls have used the Simple wipes daily for past few years now (great because they remove waterproof mascara too!) with no problems at all. In fact our skin has never been better. It's good to moisturise afterwards but I think they're just the best, easiest (and often cheapest) thing ever! :)

    1. Hi Sarah- Yeah, definitely. It is just personal preference at the end of the day. Don't think that I indulge in a leisurely routine every day of the week, but I can pop in a few extras when I get the time. Simple wipes are always handy to have around, in your bathroom, by your bed...whatever. Glad they seem to be working for you too!

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