Thursday, 2 July 2015

Oi, cheeky...

Alright treacle? Ok, so I'm in Shoreditch and I'm feelin' quite at home.

If you feel game enough to hop down to London's trendy Eastend to hang out with the hipsters and moustache twirlers, you absolutely need to make a bee-line for Cheeky for your pamper pit-stop. Whether you require a blow dry for a special event, emergency mani-pedi (I don't know what actually qualifies as an "emergency") or de-fuzzng before you jet off on your summer holidays, Cheeky has something for everyone.

The layout of this place is the first thing that drew me in. Let me break it down for you.

Set in the industrial warehouse of Barbour and Parlour, strollin' into Cheeky couldn't feel cooler. The Ground Floor boasts a deli-bar with kitchen and Neville Barbers; Cheeky reside on the first floor and Electric Cinema dwell in the basement. A glorious hat trick, wouldn't you say? So whether you need to sort that side part, trim your tash, grab a light bite or pamper yourself top-to-toe there is something to tickle your fancy ladies and gents.

Neon signage, wooden interior, tiled flooring, stunning colour palette. Instantly, I am hooked. They even have a café so that you can sip a cuppa or cocktail as you are being styled or alternatively grab a quick bite to eat afterwards before you hit the town.

And what about that Smeg fridge too? It's like they have made my dream kitchen and I can get a manicure there.

*Faints with glee*.

Price wise I found Cheeky to very competitive, especially when thinking about city pricing. Add to that fact that we are in London, and you have found yourself budget beauty on-the-go.

I have made an special effort to schedule a cheeky visit to Cheeky onto every itinerary whenever I find myself in London town. When it comes to salons in the city, there are a myriad of choices, but I think I've found my favourite. And I'll be stickin' to it.

Once you are polished, preened and pampered and everything is lookin' "on fleek" (cool speak), feel free to indulge in a wander through the neighbouring Brick lane, or take a browse of the markets. You could even swing by one of the many trendy cafés in the area to get your flat white fix. Flat whites are what the hipsters drink, right?

In the last couple of years my London jaunts have always brought me to this side of the tracks. The whole area has enjoyed a recent period of regeneration and attracts bohos, beatniks and trendies in their droves.

Even with the new wave of interest, what I love best is that this particular area of the city still holds onto that raw, edgy feel that harps back to its humble beginnings of industrial origin. Shoreditch is firmly on the map, kids.

The biggest problem with Cheeky is a happy complaint. The danger of calling by for a casual appointment might mean that you never want to leave. With everything at your finger tips, you can certainly make a day of it.

Thanks Cheeky, I feel awesome...summer ready in the city, and ready to flip-flop my way onto the tube. This should be interesting...

Where are they?
Cheeky Redchurch, Shoreditch
1st Floor,
64-66 Redchurch Street
E2 7DP

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