Monday, 13 July 2015

Mini haul

The weather has been heating up and I have been relying on a few trusty sidekicks to get me through this "supposed summer". With Scotland rockin' its usual 4 seasons in one day routine, it pays to have a few things in your beauty tool belt.

Let me whizz you through what I've been lovin'...

1. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This hot cloth cleanser is no stranger to the beauty scene. It has become a veteran product and hot favourite on beauty blogs and Youtube channels around the country. This dreamy cleanser is the perfect way to wash the day off or to refresh your skin as a morning wake-me-up. Apply the cleanser, rub it in and let it break down your daily make-up look. It comes complete with a muslin cloth, so when you have massaged it around your face, dampen the cloth under some warm water and gently wipe everything away...Simples.

This is genuinely the best feeling in the world.

Personally, I prefer to use this as a second cleanse to ensure that my face is squeaky clean rather than to break my make-up down. I'll slosh on some micellar water for that-The choice is yours. It is extremely gentle, so don't worry about rubbing this into your eyes (if you enjoy the panda effect.) Packed full of yummy ingredients such as beeswax, eucalyptus, glycerin, cocoa butter, Rosemary essential oil and chamomile, this feels rich and soothing and leaves my skin feel clean, and with a soft radiant glow.

Yes please.

2. Tiger Hair Ties. I don't know about you, but with the way that weather has been acting lately, it quickly plays almighty havoc with my tresses. With the humidity, rain and the tendency to change its mind every five minutes, I want my hair up and outta' of my face. Every high street store has its own take on the fabric hair tie. I snapped these up at Tiger. Tiger is a one-stop-shop for everything you could ever require in life all under one roof and at purse friendly prices. Art supplies, cute additions for your home, cards, snacks, jewellery and apparently, cute hair ties. I won't be seen leaving the house without slinging one of these bad boys on my wrist. Plus, if you end up letting your Rapunzel locks hang free, it doubles up as a trendy bracelet. Oh yeah, I am starting a trend.

3. John Frieda Cool Dip Shampoo. Ever get those days where your hair just isn't playing the game? Whether you need to switch up your current selection or have overloaded things a touch with your products, sometimes everyone needs a clean slate. Apparently this is making a "come back" as a re-release of an older product, but it is a new one on me and I was quick to grab one when it popped up on the shelf. This shampoo is fresh, clean and feels much like rinsing your barnet with a mojito. I'm not gonna lie, there is nothing I don't love about this. Reminiscent of the much pricier Sunday shampoo or `Surf Shampoo from Bumble and Bumble, you can usually find this on deal at your local Boots. Score. Refreshing, minty with a dash of seaweed extracts if you are in dire need of a detox, this is just the ticket. I wouldn't encourage you to crack this this out on a daily basis or things might end up a little parched. Other than that, it is a winner for me. Let your hair get its moj(it)o back.

4. Mac Teddy Eye Kohl. On a recent "Mac-attack", I picked up their eye kohl in the shade, Teddy. I am a bit of a eyeliner junkie of late, but sometimes black can feel a tad harsh especially in summer. The Mac eye kohls are silky smooth and help you line and define the eye without feeling too stark. Teddy is a rich, bronzey brown that stays around all day. I feel like it is the perfect pick for my baby blues. The liner has subtle gold flecks running through it which adds dimension and interest and can never be accused of being flat or boring. Wear it as part of your everyday face or layer it up and smudge it out for some sexy, smokey definition that is entirely wearable. The price point is probably the most I would shell out for an eyeliner, but the pencil is quite long, so I think I will be loving it for many months to come. Mac, you have yourself another Teddy girl...

5. Mac Mehr Lipstick. Thanks to the likes of Lily Pebbles and Suzie a.k.a Hello October, I couldn't browse Mac without swatching Mehr. This is quickly becoming a Youtube sensation. Classed as a dusky, mauve/rose, it packs a little more punch than your average nude and livens up the face without paling down the skin. It is a couple of steps above the trademark "my lips but better" but it will brighten things up without feeling like you have gone OTT. It's a satin matte finish, which can be slightly troublesome if you are a matte noob, but this particular formulation isn't overly drying on the lips. Phew. If you want "belt and braces" a quick slick of a scrub (Lush Mint Julips) and a thin layer of lip balm will ensure that you are a smooth operator. You can pair this with Mac's Soar lip liner (if you can get hold of it), but I am happy to pop some on without. It is long lasting and fades beautifully, without leaving those tell-tale gaps. Not a good look.

6. Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt perfume. Like to escape to the seaside? I fell madly in love with this fragrance from Jo Malone, ideal for when I feel a splurge purchase coming on. This scent is inspired by the British seaside and definitely one to perch on your vanity for those lazy, hazy days or summer nights. It is possibly one of my favourite fragrances to date. It is fresh and lively with a hit of earthy quality that adds interest. This feels as though you have been gently splashed by the ocean spray. The scent is so light and delicate that you can get creative by layering it with other scents (if that is your thing), but I find that is incredible to wear on its own. I always receive so many compliments when I wear this and highly recommend giving this easy, sea breezy scent a sniff at your local counter.

So fresh and so clean (clean)....

So what are you reachin' for this season? Do you have a few handy tricks up that sleeve of yours?

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