Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Filament Coffee

I first frequented Filament when they opened a "pop-up" shop in Edinburgh's iconic and picturesque Victoria Street. Simple and stripped back, Scandi inspired, parred-down feel, but in no way basic, their approach offers something fresh amongst the city's café culture.

Let me lay this out. Keeping things simple doesn't mean that you lose an ounce of quality. In my mind, Filament epitomise the phrase "less is more". They don't get bogged down by thrills and spills to impress, because they don't need to. They keep their decor and menus clean and guarantee that you will receive quality produce, incredible coffee and something better than you can pick up in any ol' regular chain.

I was excited to receive an invitation to visit them at their new location on Clerk street, which is located dangerously conveniently close to my office. When they popped up on the Grassmarket, it was love at first light. They've had a little break and reshuffle, but you could bet your bottom dollar I would follow them across our beautiful city. After a quick breather, now they are back and better than ever. And there was much rejoicing.

The staff offer a warm welcome, much like stopping by to chat with friends and share a quick bite, coffee or cake. Or if you are like me... Why choose? This is the perfect hot spot to dodge the Scottish weather, catch up over conversation or even set up a mini office for a couple of hours when you are on the move.

So, first things first, what's on the menu?

Coffee. Coffee should always come first. Here we have a signature flat white. Smooth, velvety foam with just the right amount of kick. A couple of sips, and I ready to jump into the rest....

I opted for the chorizo and smashed avocado bagel. My foot was barely over the threshold before I clocked that they also had a peanut butter blondie on offer. Need I say more?...let the tasting commence.

I am a big fan of a bagel under any circumstances, but given the fact that this one had avocado in it, I can definitely factor this in as part of my health kick, right?

The bagel was toasty and warm and the gentle heat of the chorizo spice was nicely offset by the cool smashed avocado. Very quickly I learn that there is no lady-like way to eat this bagel. You just have to get amongst it. Simple perfection and all served on a plate that you might get at a friends, or your mums. (If your mum happens to dish up a tasty lunch and knows how to knock out a mean flat white, that is.)

Next up, the peanut butter blondie quite literally steps up to the plate. Truth be told, I was fairly late to the peanut butter party in general, but now I will jump at the chance to have a peanut butter flavoured anything, at anytime. This is how obsession starts.

The blondie was everything you could hope for. A crunchy top and a soft centre. I am in heaven. It does everything to reaffirm my love affair. I think I have found my "go-to" remedy for a bad case of those office Monday blues. Once again, this tasty little treat was served on a saucer that any self-respecting vintage aficionado would be proud to host on their dresser.

Don't be fooled into thinking that Filament can only help you get your buzz on. If you are missing a few of your five a day you could try one of their innovative juice selections. I was convinced to give the Strapple fresh juice a try. Strawberry, apple and a hint of basil. If you are fan of straying outside the lines, try it on for size.

To round off the trip, they insisted that I sample a sip of their Guatemalan filter coffee from Workshop Coffee brewed by my office buddy, the Aeropress. I took it black, straight up and there was not a trace of bitterness. It was as smooth as any Guatemalan should be.

I have darkened the doors of very many coffee shops in my time, so I can always afford to be selective with personal favourites. Rest assured that when you are one of my top picks you can count on me to spread the word so that friends, family and passersby can come and sample the delights first hand.

I was very well looked after by the lovely folk at Filament. If you know me, you know that I will only recommend brands and venues I truly believe in. With this in mind, hot foot it down Filament. And make it snappy.

A nice touch is that whilst they are keen to source some of the coolest coffee from the London scene...(Square Mile, Workshop, I'm looking at you)...they also showcase some local vendors such as Pekotea, which gives it that warm, fuzzy community feel that ripples through the caffeine scene in Edinburgh.

These guys know what they are about, they love what they do and they just want to share it.

So let them illuminate you...

Where are they?
38 Clerk Street



  1. Filament is looking lovely. I missed the pop-up, but it's definitely on my list for my next visit to Edinburgh.

    Lovely photos by the way :-)


    1. Thanks Brian! Definitely pencil it in for your next visit, it's a great little place. Hoped you enjoyed the blog and photos!

  2. The Edinburgh Coffee scene is exciting Claire but I've still to try this place. Interestingly you mention the Aeropress which my colleague has and I love the clean way in which it dispenses the grounds. I'm seriously considering investing in one compared to the Hario V60 which I don't think is practical for the office!

  3. Great little place-definitely worth a visit. Everyone has their own preference but an Aeropress is super affordable and a great side kick for the office!


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