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Where to go for a good cuppa in Edinburgh? You are literally spoilt for choice in this bonnie, tea swigging wonderland.

Luckily for me, there is one place that, come rain or shine, is guaranteed to make you feel that extra bit girly. You can relax with a cup of something cosy on your tod, or round up the girls for a spot of afternoon tea. If you are speedy, you can swerve the rain and enjoy it on their trademark blue-tiful tables on the foot path as you indulge in a cheeky spot of people watching.

Eteaket is a tea boutique and café tucked away in a basement on Frederick Street, in the heart of Edinburgh's city centre. Escape the hustle, bustle and chaos of Princes Street and make time to treat yourself to a tasty cuppa served in the finest dainty china. Ooh, err. I feel that tea always tastes better that way. It's how I imagine the Queen spends most afternoons back at Buckingham HQ.

Thrilled that they got in touch to invite me along to sample their famous "High Tea." I was hot on their heels to come join them- who doesn't want to spoil themselves with a leisurely avo in their wonderful company? The "High Tea" acts a happy half-way house between their cream tea (scones, jam and cream) and their afternoon tea, you know...cake stand, the works...

Pouring over their extensive tea selection, I chose something a little off the map. I am usually happy with a Breakfast Blend, Earl Grey or Chai guy, depending which mood strikes. As we are in the throws of Wimbledon and still soaking up the remainder of that Spanish heatwave, (oh yeah, that was a thing), I felt the obvious choice was Strawberries and Cream.


The added perk of, well...being perk free, is that this is one of a wide variety of caffeine free options they offer at Eteaket. So, if you fancy taking it down a notch with something fruity or just maxin' "n" relaxin', they clearly mark the ones that are "free from", so you can sup that cup until your heart is content.

The tea arrived in a cosy little teapot for one, which felt like the ultimate luxury. They use only the most exceptional loose leaf tea, so quality and taste are assured. It is accompanied by a timer to ensure that you enjoy their tea at optimum taste. You're worth it, right? I love detail, and any additional gadgets or gizmos that can enhance the whole experience, well, I'm on board.

I watched carefully, as the last of the colourful sand filtered through..

Pinkies at the ready, it's time to try...

Next, a long, china plate packed with treats and dinky pots. I chose the Brie and Cranberry sandwich, which was delicately cut into tiny triangles making me feel like a total fancy pants. It's neighbour, a fluffy scone with teeny pots of jam and clotted cream. To finish, a mini lemon patisserie. I could do this every day.

Each item is chock-full of flavour. My favourite aspect of the High Tea, is that it is the perfect amount for little ol' me, and you get to try a bit of everything. The petite patisserie almost serves to round everything off as a zingy palette cleanse.

Aside from their array of sandwiches, tray bakes and cake slices, they have stands brimming floor to ceiling with everything you need to recreate your own little version of Eteaket at home. Whether you crave a polka dot teapot or want to bag one of their favourite blends to go, they'll have what you need. Get creative by icing up your cuppa with a cutsie straw, or if you need to mix it up a little, get your bartender to fix you a tea cocktail. Chai White Russian? Royal Earl Grey G&T perhaps?

One thing I notice about Eteaket every single time, is that no matter when you come to visit them, the place is always buzzin' and they will do their very best to make time for you.

The people of Edinburgh know that they are on to a good thing with this one. The perfect place to lose yourself in a good book, bring your friends to catch the latest chat or spoil your mum with a mummy/daughter date. Awww.

Eteaket, me ol' china, I love you so match-a. Simply tea-riffic...

Where are they?
41 Frederick Street


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