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Bloom & Wild

Bloom and Wild* are a young, vibrant company that are taking the local scene by storm. Established in 2013, they claim to remove all hassle from securing yourself some nice blooms for your bedside table or treating a friend or loved one to a lil' something special.

OK, you have my attention...

With ever increasing orders and the launch of their brand new sparkly app, this budding company clearly pride themselves on a great product, incredible customer service and will ensure that beautiful flowers are winging their way to your doorstep in a flash. What a great bunch they are.

Some of us aren't aware that in reality most of our flowers sit in warehouses or with suppliers for days before finding their way to local retailers, so what better than a fresh company that deals directly with the source and cuts out the middle man.

Sounds promising, right?

At Bloom and Wild, flowers are cut to match the current order demand and not a second before. You can be arranging a stunning bouquet on your mantelpiece as little as three days after they have been chopped. Once they are received back at Bloom and Wild HQ, they are sent to the recipients within hours. They like number crunchin' back at base so work to exact customer orders to minimise or fully eliminate wastage of perfectly good flowers.

There goes Claire is a new blog that enjoys nothing better than connecting with young companies with interesting ideas so we were delighted when Bloom and Wild wanted to collaborate with us on a feature to help further explain a little more about what they do best.

Let me talk you through everything from delivery, packaging, arranging, ordering and enjoyment...

1. Delivery

First things first, they want to ensure that your flowers reach you in tip top condition. By streamlining and flat packing their flowers they are pretty postie friendly and can fit through most household letterboxes. So even if you are out running errands, they will be waiting for you when you get home. Clever thinking.

The delivery charge is included in the total price of the order so there are no nasty surprises when you come to check out. If you want a little extra assurance they can arrange tracking on your order for a small additional fee. I was delighted when these dropped on the doorstep of my castle. Ok, slight disclaimer: I don't actually live in a castle, but I do live in Scotland and wanted to create the right effect, so please forgive me. Whilst we are being honest, the flowers aren't from Ryan Gosling either, but a little of what we fancy does us good. A girl can dream, right?

2. Packaging

I am a detail oriented kinda gal and I was completely won over by the clear care and attention that Bloom and Wild pay when prepping and packing their product. On opening the box, each head was delicately wrapped in netting to protect it during the journey. There are clear instructions on the box itself on how to cut the stems and add the food that they supply. So grab yourself a Pinterest-y vase and get crackin'.

They also think ahead and include a handy card with tips and tricks on how to perfectly place your blooms in the vase for maximum enjoyment. I selected "The Gloria" bouquet, which was bold, decadent and bursting with colour. A mix of lilies, berries, eucalyptus leaves and pops of pretty purple petals throughout the entire arrangement make for a visual treat.

As the flowers are so fresh when they arrive, many of the heads remain closed for a couple of days so you aren't against the clock and definitely won't be binning them by dinnertime, don't panic. You can take time to make one beautiful arrangement as a talking point or alternatively split the flowers down to add a few accents of colour in your lounge room or bedroom. Once you have tweaked to your heart is content, just sit back, relax and rapture in the beauty as it unfolds before your eyes.

3. Ok, I'm in. Order me up

Ordering with Bloom and Wild couldn't be easier. A few clicks of their intuitive website will mean that you can purchase delightful flowers by the bunch but if you would like it to be more of frequent affair (and can't always rely on the hubby/boyfriend to deliver) feel free to take advantage of their 3 month subscription service so that you can enjoy them as a regular treat.

Personally, I have used the site on multiple occasions for that birthday, mother's day or just to say hello, but it is just as wonderful to experience it for yourself. I think there is something to be said for having fresh flowers dotted around the place that is all kinds of happy. It adds life and colour to your living space that can lift your mood after a hard day at the office.

What's the verdict, how are they faring?

Over a week later and "the Gloria" is still glor-ious. I expect to get another full week out of these babies and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be back to Bloom and Wild before you know it, after all they are only ever a click away. Moving with the times, Bloom and Wild are smack bang in the middle of the digital age and have launched a new app for IOS and Android. Hurrah. This makes things even easier for you to grab that bunch on the move. Easy posy.

An additional quirk of the company is that they create themed bouquets around characters from literature or popular events, so your flowers will always have a unique feel whilst still reflecting current trend. Bloomin' marvellous...

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*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes only. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


  1. Sarah Morrison24 July 2015 at 17:56

    How?! They fit in your postbox!!! Amazing. And beautifully arranged too �� great post.

    1. Thanks Sarah... they certainly do! (unless you have a crazy small one). Totally love them!


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