Monday, 6 July 2015

All things Brighton beautiful...

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, don't you?

On a recent trip to London I couldn't resist adding a little day trip to Brighton to the mix. I have never appreciated that you can hop down to the coast from central London in the time it takes to slurp a latte on the train. Now I get it. Many must take the advantage of this snappy commute so that they can enjoy the best of both worlds: city and seaside.

I spent hours scouring Pinterest and the blogosphere for suitable Pinspiration to allow me to compile a mini "hit list" of "must sees and dos." Colourful bunting, adorable boutiques and of course, the famous "lanes". I literally couldn't get there quick enough.

Sure Brighton is notorious for its fair share of hen dos, stags and a certain element of tacky charm, but if the sun is blazing and the mood is right, it is an incredible place to spend the day with your beau or bestie. Equally fun to peruse the galleries,dip your toe in the crystal waters and snack on its trademark fish and chips on your "jack".

No shame.

I started with a wander along the wind-y lanes. Narrow streets packed to the rafters with quirky shops, caf├ęs, cupcakes and jewellers. Feel free to lose yourself in this sweet coastal haven.

Once you have "shopped til' you drop" you'll need something to quench your thirst. I happened upon the Bluebird Tea Company. The friendly mixologists at Bluebird are tremendous fans of even the biggest "tea Jenny" and will make sure that you are savouring a cup of one of your faves or trying something new from their impressive collection of creative blends. The great thing about their host of exciting flavours is that there will be something to tempt every tastebud. Too toasty? Then ice up and cool off while you enjoy your refreshing potion through a straw. That's what I did, as I kicked back on their welcoming deck chairs. A Mojitea in the beautiful Brighton sunshine? Where do I sign? I do enjoy the fun feel to their brand, but they are much more than cute labels and catchy names.

After a little more exploring, I needed a to take a load off. A hop, skip and jump will land you on the famously rocky Brighton beach. I know what you're thinking, a cushion could come in pretty handy, but you can happily carve yourself a sweet spot and relax as you glance up to the pier or watch others play in the sparkly waters. If you are feeling brave, dip a toe in.

So, it isn't the Seychelles but it has never claimed to be. The charming heart of Brighton will win your affections regardless. Friends chatting, families splashing, artists creating their next masterpiece. It's all just a stone's throw away. I even clocked a poet with a typewriter composing rhymes on the spot. It is a sanctuary of rest and a hive of activity all in the same breath. I spied these soldiers taking a quick "5" as they camouflaged into the pebbles to top up their tan. Where did they go?

After chilling on the beach, wander up to the pier for a closer peek. Grab yourself an ice-cream, try your luck at the arcade (if you are gamblin' man), or if you are like me, elbow-jab your way through the crowds to sneak a deck chair. The view from this vantage point is pretty breath taking. Take a deep breath as you soak in every inch of relaxation in your blissful retreat. Feels good, don't it?

Before you hop on the train back to the big smoke, it would be criminal to leave without serving yourself a generous portion of their legendary fish and chips. Best enjoyed as you stroll along the sea front. With its snacking spots, boutiques, galleries, stalls and a healthy scattering of beach huts, Brighton is a safe haven for the city slickers or ideal if you are just longing for a change of scene for the day. Wild horses practically had to drag me back to base, but rest assured I will popping up on a beach near you, sometime soon.

In summary, it's quite simple then. Brighton Rocks. Get it? I'll be here all day...

Where you'll find me?

The Lanes (intricate shopping maze packed with gift shops, tea and coffee stops)

Bluebird Tea Company
41 Gardner Street

England at Home
59 and 22b Ship Street

Julien Plumart
27 Duke Street

Small Batch Coffee Company
17 Jubilee Street



  1. Sarah Morrison17 July 2015 at 15:12

    I missed this post when I was away! I never realised Brighton was so close!! Next time I'm in London this will definitely be on my list. Love all your photos :D

    1. It so wonderful, I really can't wait to go back. Less than an hour on the train... I know for sure that you would love it. WIN! (ps-maybe we could go sometime and do both!)


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