Friday, 19 June 2015

What's in my handbag?: the office edit

The bag- Longchamp Pliage. I swore I would never have one of these but now I find two of them creeping into my current collection (the other is the mini version). They are stylish, sturdy and as they are nylon you can clean them up in a second so they are shiny and new in a heartbeat. They fold up neatly and prove to be the perfect travel companion, especially when faced with impossible hand luggage demands.

The Loot

1. Longchamp cosmetic case. I promise you I wasn't trying to be "matchy-matchy". I received the cosmetic case as a gift and it has proven to be a handy handbag saviour. Perfect to store away your daily make-up look, "go-to" touch ups and on several occasions I have used it to square away my jewellery collection for my next jet set destination.

2. Nuxe Reve de Miel. Chapped/dry lips are totally 2014. The French have serious skin care game and they make no exception with their lip products. Whether you keep this handy lip-tip by your side for during the day or by your night stand to slather it on thick for a pre-bedtime pamper. The choice is yours. The texture and scent are kind of unique and it offers a pretty matte finish. You can use this to prime your lips as a base, especially if it is matte lip look you are going for. This comes in a stick format, but for personal preference I have to say that the pot is a lot better.

3. Colab dry shampoo (Rio scent). Every brand has their incarnation of something to refresh your barnet for the lazy girl. I am quite late to the dry shampoo party, but I am glad I showed up. I was never a fan of Batiste as I considered it much too heavy and chalky for my luscious lock needs. Fellow blogger Ruth Crilly has catered to beauty guru demands by establishing Colab. This product creates a super fine mist in a variety of tempting scents to ensure that you can freshen up post-gym work out or rock your second day hair, problem free. This stuff is practically weightless and I tend to use it for a quick boost after a long day, or just to add a little texture and life if things have fallen flat. Winner.

4. Bath and Body Works mojito pocketbac. America really does do some things much better than the UK, and this rings true for when you want fresh, sparkly clean mitts. Whether you take it on a flight or frequently hop on/off any plane, train or auto mobile, you will thank your lucky stars that you have this little companion firmly by your side. There is no dettol/hospital-esque aroma with these pocketbacs. Bath and Body works hit you with a scent for every mood. I make sure to stock up whenever I find myself in the US of A. (American friends out there, please send back ups! My stocks are running low, and I simply can't be without them.)

5. Paperchase diary. I love nothing more than starting a brand new year by hot footin' it down to Paperchase to pick up my new handy handbag planner. Paperchase always have a wide selection of fun designs and sizes for you to choose how you want to organise your life. I am a list maker (sad times) and in an age where you can add everything to your phone or tablet of choice, sometimes I like to keep it old school and jot things down on paper. Retro.

6. Harrods coin purse. Previously I was an advocate of a giant wallet. The bigger, the better. Lately I have been jet settin' all over the place and it simply does not make sense to me any more. With coins, cards, tickets and oysters I needed a way to keep everything in its place and that doesn't weigh down my bag like a tonne o' bricks. I spied this cute little coin purse whilst killing time in a London airport before a birthday trip to New York and I had to make it mine. Beautifully illustrated and sporting a Harrods logo, this keeps life simple, and a tad luxurious.

7. Cath Kidston Umbrella. I live in Scotland, and the UK weather is a pesky lil' blighter. We can literally have all four seasons in one day, so leaving the house without a brolly is out. of. the. question. This umbrella has weathered many a storm and is still going strong. Practical. Functional. Beautiful. I love it.

8. Primark sunglasses. I have often wondered whether it is worth it to splash on Ray Bans, Dior or Chanel but the trials of practical livin' ensure that I keep it real. Believe it or not, we do get some sunshine-y days on occasion and I want to make sure that I have something to whip out of my bag for when those rays hit. That being said, I don't want to feel guilted if I accidentally sat on them in the car. Oops. They have frames for every face shape, and at such a total bargain it will feel like you stole them.

9. Lego penguin keychain. I recently moved house and wanted to mark the event in a small but silly way by getting a new key chain. I couldn't resist this guy on my trip to Copenhagen. This girl had to swing by Lego and p-p-pick-up-a-penguin.

10. Lucy B Egyptian Amber and Honeysuckle roll-on. I had never heard of this range by Lucy B's Apothecary, but it was a happy find on one of my millions of excursions to TK Maxx. This Australian brand combine flower essences and aromatherapy oils in every scent to offer a rather unique approach to what they do. Beauty, with all of the benefits. Aussie Aussie Aussie. This is a warm, inviting scent reminiscent of argan oil that lingers on the skin. Always keep a roll-on perfume handy for life on the go, drinks after work or when you plan on being hand luggage friendly. I will be on the lookout to pick up another before too long, you can be sure of that (mate).

11. Couture Carnival Mini Hand Cream. I love And Other Stories. Their clothes are a little on the pricey side, unless you catch a deal in their sale, but I am a huge fan of their quirky jewellery and bath/body care. Body washes, scrubs, perfumes are something they do extremely well and all their fragrances are truly to die for. Sprint down to their store near Oxford Circus, London and get lost in your own little haven. I could be there for hours.

What are your handbag handy hints, any tips out there?


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