Monday, 29 June 2015

Weekend winners

I don't want to be one of those people that lives for the weekend, but sometimes I am jolly glad when it has arrived. Life can get super busy, so when Friday rolls around, I like nothing more than to hunt out a few of my favourites so that I can relax-it-up and treat myself well.

Here are a few of my weekend winners that you can use to put a smile on your face...

1. ETI Professional Turbodryer 2000 Aqua- Aside from the fact that it is an adorable colour (most people that know me well will not be surprised that I chose this shade.) It is the signature colour to my life, and I usually only discover this when all my stuff is rounded up together in one place. But hey, everything that can't be a bad thing, right? When you have a lotta' locks, you really can't afford to mess around. You will usually only find these at a salon or your local Sallys, but if you are stuck you can head online and pick one up just as easy. Sometimes it helps to go the extra mile. These only ring in a touch more than your normal dryer and keeps my barnet in check. It feels much like standing under a jet plane when I am blasting my hair dry as part of the morning routine. Okay, so I exaggerated that part a little. It gets the job done in record time and I would heartily recommend that if you are long-locked lassie, you should order one up without delay.

2. The Wet Brush- I am certain you have spotted this guy popping up on every beauty blogger's favourites, so after I had listened to the hype and skimmed the reviews, I decided to check it out for myself. We all know that raking through your hair when you have hopped out of the shower is usually a bad idea. Breakage. Snapping. Birds nest. General chaos. Trying to be extra cautious when looking after my hair, I gave this brush a whirl. It glides through your hair like a dream ensuring that you are not split-end central. The brush can be used on dry hair too, but the idea is that you use it on wet hair before styling and ideally letting your locks dry in the sunshine of course. It is probably still trending on the US market, so if you haven't caught wind of it landing in the UK, grab your purse and add it to your next spree. When your hair is flowing and you look like a Pantene advert, you can give me a call.

3. Soap and Glory Solar Powder- Believe it or not, sometimes...just sometimes, the sun hits in Scotland and when that happy day arrives I don't want my pasty complexion to stand out like it hasn't felt the warmth of the rays since last year. I have never been pro-bronzin', but there have been a few products out there to change my mind lately, so sit up and pay attention. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer is a strong contender but my latest love goes in the form of Soap and Glory's solar powder. Bronzers are kind of like tattoos, they can either be done really well, or look frightening, leaving you wishing like you really hadn't bothered. I have never wanted to run the risk of that trademark tango look, but a subtle dusting of this in the places where the sun would strike naturally leaves a beautiful warmth to the face that will instantly breathe life into your peeky features. Truth is, this is kind of fool proof. There is no such thing as a heavy hand with this stuff, so you can really have fun with it. Whether you stick to swirling the brush in a "3" formation or sweeping it all over, the choice is yours. Either are guaranteed to look perfect. Bronzer, you have won me. However, if ever there is a hint of orange going on on these cheeks, feel free to let me know.

4. Kiko Universal Fit Hydating foundation- In those lazy, hazy summer days I don't want to feel that there are layers clinging to my face. Ewww... If you are sporting a little bit of a beach tan or even a faux glow, chances are you can get away with next to nothing. If you want a little lightweight coverage, look no further than this little skin saviour from Kiko. I referred to this in a previous post on Summer cheats and would definitely recommend on picking one of these up in-store or online. It is purse friendly and extremely natural. I am never one to lay it on thick, but I would like to think that this gives me the option of "my skin, but better".

5. Bourjois peach blush in Lovestruck Rose- Summer has hit and reminded me once again that I. love. blusher. It's a tricky topic because no-one wants to rock that doll-face/clown look, if they can help it. If I had one tip on how to inject life and radiance into a tired face, blusher would be it. A quick dust on the perky apples of your cheeks will leave you feeling peachy keen to get on with your day. I love things in miniature. Is that just me? This little blush won't hog room in your make-up case and although they are dinky, they seem to go on forever so you will get good mileage out of it. Surely enough to see you through a Scottish summer.

6. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Shade 55-Romance- Don't be fooled thinking that snapping up Chanel lipsticks is part of daily life. This falls into my Claire-is-at-the-airport-this-is-my-only-chance-to-justify-it kinda purchase. I usually pick up one of these on those special occasions when I am dotting around duty free before jetting off to lands afar. I adore the formulation of these lipsticks. Hydrating, with a sheer build of colour that you can sweep on in a wash or build it up for a bolder look. The one thing that you can be sure is that there won't be a chapped lip sight. Ok, so this range is not entirely long lasting (you're going to want a matte look for all day wear), but they do feel luxurious and there is something to be said with seeing that trademark "CC" propped up on your vanity to make you feel like a real lay-dee. A woman that buys Chanel lipsticks. Hey, cheeky tax free airport purchases count too! If you have never splurged on one of these, save it for a birthday, Christmas present wishlist or airport dash and trust me, you will feel amazing.

7. No 7 Precision Lips Pencil in Nude- As we discussed before, I am new to the lip-lning scene. This one is a very safe bet but will be enough to perfect any pretty pout. It is totally natural and a tad boring (some might say) but a handy one to have in your kit should you just need a little somethin' somethin'.

8. Cattier Yellow Clay Mask Dry Skin-A little French bargain. This tube rung in at just 3 or 4 EUR but it served me well on many a weekend. Perfect as part of your Saturday or Sunday morning routine, this will leave you feeling fresh faced and like you took those extra 10-15 minutes to give yourself a little bit of a treat. Tricky to lay your paws on in the UK, but if you are holidaying in France you can get these at a steal. This comes in a variety of different options for your desired skin type, including those sensitive souls. Ooh la la...

So, what have you been loving on your weekend? Are there things you are reachin' for to give you that feelgood feelin? I'm curious...


  1. Sarah Morrison30 June 2015 at 20:53

    Ha ha, you do need a jet engine to dry your hair! The brush looks good - need to preserve all the hair I can to have thick locks like yours!! I love all your photos, they're so colourful :)

    1. Yeah, it is super long now! The brush wasn't too pricey (thanks eBay!) Kind of a new best friend. Thanks for liking the pictures...I do try...

  2. I definitely fancy trying the Soap and Glory bronzer. I'm pretty pastey too and it's so hard to find a bronzer that doesn't look horrifying!

    p.s I love how amazing your blog looks, especially since you only just started (me too!)

    1. Hello! Thanks for your lovely feedback. Give the bronzer a spin- hopefully it will do the trick!


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