Friday, 26 June 2015

The caffeine machine

Everyone that knows me well is aware that over the years I have become something of a caffeine connoisseur . Addict.

Whether you need a jolt first thing in the A:M when your alarm buzzes by your bedside; or love sipping an espresso after an evening meal pretending to yourself that street-side cafes in Florence are just a small wish away; or you get back from work, grab your slippers and flick the kettle on and instinctively reach for a cup of tea. There is an option for any occasion, isn't there?

How many times has that vital cup o' joe or brew saved your day?

I very kindly gifted myself a Nespresso Inissia for a recent birthday and let me tell you two things:

1/ I am generous and loving gift giver (something I got from my lovely mum thankfully), and...let's be real for second..., who doesn't enjoy a gift from me, to me?

2/ This brightly coloured little gem is a total day-maker.

The following birthday, my lovely bro (a fellow Vitamin C addict) decided I needed a Suki Stump teapot in my life. He is indeed a wise man. Armed with these vital tools, I searched the market and waited for it to surprise me. My quest was simple.

Is there something a little different out there, rather than grabbing a box of this or that from my nearest supermarket shelf or Nespresso store?...

Ahem...without any further chat, may I present 2 beautiful brands that I am literally obsessed with, and if you haven't heard of them until are going to have to do your own taste testing.

Enter Big Cup Little Cup and T2 tea.

T2 Tea

T2 Tea have been doing the rounds on my top blog subscriptions and on a recent trip to London I happened upon their Shoreditch store after a little R "n" R at the Barbour and Parlour Cheeky salon a couple of doors away. What a happy find. It is a brand of Australian origin but finds its home sandwiched between trendy stores in London's eastend hipsterville. Given that this delightful brand hasn't quite spread its wings to Scotland just yet, I had to grab my opportunity now. On approach, I was greeted with an iced sample-sip of refreshing pineapple tea to quench my thirst on a muggy day. On entering the store, be prepared to be faced with every conceivable palette-pleaser that you thought possible. And then some. Green tea? White tea? Rooibos? Teas to perk you up. Teas to wind you down. Cosy chais? Fruity flavours? It's easy to feel overwhelmed.

The staff are helpful and friendly, sharing a wealth of knowledge to help you discover your signature taste. They offer you a walk through the tea "families" and various apparatus...before long you are ready to get your brew on. They also offer live demonstrations and tasting sessions so you can be sure of your selection before your splash the cash. After much deliberation, I decided that my best bet would be to try the Selfies Mixed Black Tea box. Perfect for tea on the go or trialling some of the top faves within that family. A much better plan than committing to a giant tin of one flavour on a whim. This gal likes to research.

Each bag contains 2 generous cups per person, so that's just enough for your selfie. This little box was the ideal companion for my Suki teapot. No mess, no fuss. Loose leaf tea feels like you made the effort, because you're worth it. Aren't you? My top tipples would be French Earl Grey, Creme Brulee, Melbourne breakfast and Chai. I am itching to get my mitts on my next box. Better to get a little sample of a wide range and then you can keep coming back to the ones you heart the most.

Big Cup Little Cup

First things first, I am completely in love with this brand. Big Cup Little Cup first sprung to the fore back in the days when I was looking for Nespresso compatible capsules for my brand new swanky machine. Sometimes life can't always mean skipping down to Nespresso to sip espressos with George Clooney, you know? These guys really do have it all. Whilst trying to be conscious with my pennies, I didn't want to lose any quality in the coffee I was receiving, but it is clear that the good folks at Big Cup Little Cup pay attention to the smallest of detail.

They are looking to bring you the freshest, tastiest coffee at a great price. They are constantly updating their selections so that there are always new blends to try in a variety of strengths. Whether you want a gentle wake up or a pair of jump leads, they will have something in mind just for you. That's what I love about this team, they are huge on customer service. They want to help you select the perfect pod from the get-go and when you are done with your order, they will be first in line to see just how you got on so that they can tweak it for next time.

Personal favourites of mine are Millers Yard Espresso, El Salvador Honey Process , HomePark Espresso and Swiss Water Decaf (everyone needs an option for when you fancy a cuppa but it's too late to party, huh?)

Big Cup Little Cup give you a round up of great coffee, and they care about customers...with that attitude, that's what will keep us coming back for more.

Right, that's a wrap. I'm off to relax with this one. And some shortbread...(I'm having a Scottish moment.)

Where are they?

48-50 Redchurch St
E2 7DP

Big Cup Little Cup
39-43 Putney High Street
SW15 1SP



  1. I couldn't live without my nespresso! That tea looks interesting. Have bookmarked it for a closer look (after payday!) x

    1. It was a great investment! Check them out- so delicious!


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