Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Hello there.

So, here we are are..

...I have finally got myself together and I am going to give this blog lovin' life a whirl. Due to my ever creepin' instagram count and growing interest in a few areas I thought I would take this opportunity and channel it into a dedicated space for me to wax lyrical on my current favourites in beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel (with the possibility of a few other things thrown in for good measure). I am excited to take as many of you with me as would like to come along. So please read and share with any friends who you think would enjoy it too.

It has been firmly resting on the back burner, but now I am taking a brave little leap to create some fun posts and hopefully connect with more of this community. So wha d'ya say? Are you in?

Look at me, I am livin' the dream...*cue solo dance party*

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