Monday, 22 June 2015

Oh, crumbs...

Sometimes crumbs can be a bad thing. Down the sofa. On a smart outfit, perhaps? However, on this occasion I kind of loved them! What better way to indulge yourself on a quiet Saturday avo, than to grab a couple of your best gals and swing by to get your daily dose of caffeine to hit the spot and eat cake out of a wardrobe. People do that, right?

Lovecrumbs is a cove of caffeine, cake and quirky decor. Nestled away at the top of West Port and the grassmarket in the old town, it promises a piece of something different amongst the plethora of coffee haunts in the fairest of cities.

I opted for a latte (always super hot, but not enough to burn the beans, duhhh) and a hefty whack of their salted caramel cake. I spent as much time selecting my slice as I do on all major life decisions. Gotta take your cake seriously. And I do.

The coffee was a welcome wake up on a sleepy afternoon and my cake was a delectable dream that left me suitably stuffed. They have any taste that will suit yours, brownies; check, cherry bakewell; check and curious combos like chocolate and violet or pear and polenta.

They also have quirky design covered. Wooden tabletops, window seats, beautifully illustrated signage and peculiar lighting. Like always, I am having a real lightbulb moment. There are literally no rules. The fact that nothing really matches makes this place all the more endearing (aside from the fact that there is only cake on this menu.)

We chatted it up until closing and strolled into the evening sunlight with smiles on our faces as we parted ways.

Choosing fun places to try in Edinburgh is never a tricky task for me. Some might say, its a piece of cake...

Where are they?


  1. �� This place looks dreamy!

    1. Thanks Sarah! Maybe you could visit if you come down sometime soon x

  2. I adore Lovecrumbs! It's such a dream of a cafe and the fact that they only serve cake is just heavenly! You got some lovely photos too, I was going mad taking lots of pictures the first time I went there so I'm happy that I'm not the only one :) I wrote a review about it on my blog too, it's just such a lovely little place!
    Nicole xox
    Life in Ginger

    1. Hi Nicole! It was wonderful and I managed to get a few good snaps! I've just read your lovely review too. Would love if you share the blog with anyone who would enjoy it x

  3. oh yum. It looks like my kind of place! x

    1. It is lovely. If you are in Edinburgh, be sure to give it a try!

  4. Hi Claire,

    I love Lovecrumbs, SO MANY CAKES... I could spend all day there!

    I've never managed to visit except when it's absolutely packed, so I never got any decent photos... One day :-)


    1. I hope you grab a seat there soon. They have cornered the market for cool combos and strange flavours, that's for sure!


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