Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Beauty Con, London

Last month I was fortunate enough to hop on a plane and jet down to foggy London town for a few days in the big smoke and to attend Beauty Con. For those of you that need brought up to speed, Beautycon is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle event that focusses on young, digital creators who are whipping up engaging content on the blogosphere as part of the Youtube era. Previously established in LA and New York, the team at Beautycon brought the event to the UK this year for the first time. Hello London.

The day was a treat for any beauty fanatic with pop-up stalls from leading brands (Benefit, Tarte, Liz Earle, Nyx, Ogx); a stage for themed panels and Q&A sessions with our adored content creators.

Trying hard not to be a total fan girl (fail), I was lucky enough to meet some of my favourite contributors for a mini catch-up to chat all things beauty and thank them for all the posts, tutorials, blogs and vlogs that they churn out on a regular basis. They keep us up to speed on the latest trends, review new products and offer a little insight on their day today and travel adventures. These Youtubers grant us a back stage pass to cool brand events, launches, fashion shows and all that is "scene" within the industry.

Here is a little round up of everyone that I met on the day, and a little whistle stop tour of their channels. Are you ready?

Deep breath...

1. Fleur de Force- she has referred to herself as the "granny" of youtube. Fleur is one of the longest standing and most successful content creators in the digital arena. She offers a main channel for the majority of her musings on products, favourites, get ready with me tutorials and also has a separate Vlog channel so that you can follow her on the road as she travels the globe on her latest adventures. Her husband Mike makes frequent appearances along with her array of cute puppies which understandably have their own dedicated social media following...Obvs.
(ps-when meeting a legendary beauty guru, don't rush out the door without drying your hair and spill coffee on your top...emergency-90s-style-tshirt-twist, anyone?)

2. Hello October- Suzie is a pint sized beauty enthusiast who lives in Brighton. I thoroughly enjoy her quirky style and fun rapport on camera. You can find me checking her written blog posts, stunning photography and following her videos for reviews, routines and regular jaunts to London on beauty exploits or brand collabs. Guest starring in her videos from time to time is her boyfriend Josh and sweet pooch, Nala.

(L-Claire, M-Alix, R-Suzie)

3. I covet thee- Alix is a beauty guru in her own right, and the Thelma to Suzie's Louise. She has a wonderful written blog with a keen eye for a pretty picture. The blog will guide you in all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. If you want beach waves or tips on rockin' a signature bold lip, the only answer is Alix. A favourite "go-to" of mine for simple but stunning make up looks and haircare tutorials to ensure that your barnet is coiffed within an inch of its life (or at least you can look that way.) Her other half Darren is becoming a more regular feature of her videos and daily vlogging. He is often on hand to hold a camera lens or snap the occasional outfit look. These college sweethearts make a fine pair. Now all they need is an adorable pup, in standard Youtube tradition...

4. Lily Pebbles- Lily is amongst one of my favourites here on Youtube. She is a London girl through and through. Love the captivating content and polished feel to her written blog. Technology and gadgets are her forte, so you can often find her pushing the boundaries on what she can create. This girl is a total perfectionist, and her obsessive nature pays off. She definitely sets the bar high for balancing regular beauty content, vlogging, writing and the odd stop motion or advanced digital piece. Her boyfriend Rich is her trusty sidekick, and he can be found accompanying her on quests around London town and as a handsome date for launch parties, relaxed dinners with friends or chomping their way around some of the coolest hot spots in the capital city.

5. Vivianna does makeup-Anna is witty, keeps it real and knows her way around a makeup brush or two. I love reading the latest posts on her written blog and thoroughly enjoy the down to earth style in which she delivers her videos. Anna's style is relaxed and fun and she offers a vast catalogue of beauty tips and tricks for the normal girl. Don't be fooled, the structure, presentation and skill in her content is clear. This gal is totes profesh and definitely the real deal. Basically, if she is weighing in her thoughts on any product or putting together a simple and snappy routine, I am all ears. Her parter in crime is Mark, who has become a frequent guest star in her videos and presumbly has his own posse of fans out there. They make a fun duo, and you can definitely find me tracking their latest adventures or crazy rambles together...

(L-Lily, M-Claire, R-Anna)

6. Talk Becky Talk-Becky left a different life on screen at the "Beeb" to pursue a personal dream on Youtube. From reporting on the scene of the latest news, she switched press for products and now enjoys nothing more than inviting you into her beauty world. Becky is bubbly and fun loving on camera and you will most likely see her snuggled up in her cute house, with puppy-in-tow, clutching a hot cup of tea and gettin' ready to give you all the deets. So whether you crave pointers for how to work your interior on a budget, tips on dealing with anxiety, how to relax with a mini pamper evening or craft your own seasonal look...she's got you covered. Becky is lucky enough to receive support from her little sister Holly (pictured far right) and mum. It seems like creativity is catching in this household as her mum Gill has launched her own written blog, Growing old disgracefully. Gill targets her little corner of the market to share the wisdom of her life experiences.  She encourages mature ladies to treat themselves well so that they look fabulous for as long as they can. You can also catch sister Holly here too.

(L-Becky, M-Claire, R-Holly)

Well done if you reached the made it. Go make some new favourites and give these incredibly creative women some love. FYI, this lemonade was delicious, in case you were wondering...

The next BeautyCon event is 11th July, in LA.



  1. WOW! Looks like an amazing event.

    1. It was wonderful! A good way to indulge feeling girly for a WHOLE day! Haha..


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