Monday, 29 June 2015

Weekend winners

I don't want to be one of those people that lives for the weekend, but sometimes I am jolly glad when it has arrived. Life can get super busy, so when Friday rolls around, I like nothing more than to hunt out a few of my favourites so that I can relax-it-up and treat myself well.

Here are a few of my weekend winners that you can use to put a smile on your face...

1. ETI Professional Turbodryer 2000 Aqua- Aside from the fact that it is an adorable colour (most people that know me well will not be surprised that I chose this shade.) It is the signature colour to my life, and I usually only discover this when all my stuff is rounded up together in one place. But hey, everything that can't be a bad thing, right? When you have a lotta' locks, you really can't afford to mess around. You will usually only find these at a salon or your local Sallys, but if you are stuck you can head online and pick one up just as easy. Sometimes it helps to go the extra mile. These only ring in a touch more than your normal dryer and keeps my barnet in check. It feels much like standing under a jet plane when I am blasting my hair dry as part of the morning routine. Okay, so I exaggerated that part a little. It gets the job done in record time and I would heartily recommend that if you are long-locked lassie, you should order one up without delay.

2. The Wet Brush- I am certain you have spotted this guy popping up on every beauty blogger's favourites, so after I had listened to the hype and skimmed the reviews, I decided to check it out for myself. We all know that raking through your hair when you have hopped out of the shower is usually a bad idea. Breakage. Snapping. Birds nest. General chaos. Trying to be extra cautious when looking after my hair, I gave this brush a whirl. It glides through your hair like a dream ensuring that you are not split-end central. The brush can be used on dry hair too, but the idea is that you use it on wet hair before styling and ideally letting your locks dry in the sunshine of course. It is probably still trending on the US market, so if you haven't caught wind of it landing in the UK, grab your purse and add it to your next spree. When your hair is flowing and you look like a Pantene advert, you can give me a call.

3. Soap and Glory Solar Powder- Believe it or not, sometimes...just sometimes, the sun hits in Scotland and when that happy day arrives I don't want my pasty complexion to stand out like it hasn't felt the warmth of the rays since last year. I have never been pro-bronzin', but there have been a few products out there to change my mind lately, so sit up and pay attention. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer is a strong contender but my latest love goes in the form of Soap and Glory's solar powder. Bronzers are kind of like tattoos, they can either be done really well, or look frightening, leaving you wishing like you really hadn't bothered. I have never wanted to run the risk of that trademark tango look, but a subtle dusting of this in the places where the sun would strike naturally leaves a beautiful warmth to the face that will instantly breathe life into your peeky features. Truth is, this is kind of fool proof. There is no such thing as a heavy hand with this stuff, so you can really have fun with it. Whether you stick to swirling the brush in a "3" formation or sweeping it all over, the choice is yours. Either are guaranteed to look perfect. Bronzer, you have won me. However, if ever there is a hint of orange going on on these cheeks, feel free to let me know.

4. Kiko Universal Fit Hydating foundation- In those lazy, hazy summer days I don't want to feel that there are layers clinging to my face. Ewww... If you are sporting a little bit of a beach tan or even a faux glow, chances are you can get away with next to nothing. If you want a little lightweight coverage, look no further than this little skin saviour from Kiko. I referred to this in a previous post on Summer cheats and would definitely recommend on picking one of these up in-store or online. It is purse friendly and extremely natural. I am never one to lay it on thick, but I would like to think that this gives me the option of "my skin, but better".

5. Bourjois peach blush in Lovestruck Rose- Summer has hit and reminded me once again that I. love. blusher. It's a tricky topic because no-one wants to rock that doll-face/clown look, if they can help it. If I had one tip on how to inject life and radiance into a tired face, blusher would be it. A quick dust on the perky apples of your cheeks will leave you feeling peachy keen to get on with your day. I love things in miniature. Is that just me? This little blush won't hog room in your make-up case and although they are dinky, they seem to go on forever so you will get good mileage out of it. Surely enough to see you through a Scottish summer.

6. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Shade 55-Romance- Don't be fooled thinking that snapping up Chanel lipsticks is part of daily life. This falls into my Claire-is-at-the-airport-this-is-my-only-chance-to-justify-it kinda purchase. I usually pick up one of these on those special occasions when I am dotting around duty free before jetting off to lands afar. I adore the formulation of these lipsticks. Hydrating, with a sheer build of colour that you can sweep on in a wash or build it up for a bolder look. The one thing that you can be sure is that there won't be a chapped lip sight. Ok, so this range is not entirely long lasting (you're going to want a matte look for all day wear), but they do feel luxurious and there is something to be said with seeing that trademark "CC" propped up on your vanity to make you feel like a real lay-dee. A woman that buys Chanel lipsticks. Hey, cheeky tax free airport purchases count too! If you have never splurged on one of these, save it for a birthday, Christmas present wishlist or airport dash and trust me, you will feel amazing.

7. No 7 Precision Lips Pencil in Nude- As we discussed before, I am new to the lip-lning scene. This one is a very safe bet but will be enough to perfect any pretty pout. It is totally natural and a tad boring (some might say) but a handy one to have in your kit should you just need a little somethin' somethin'.

8. Cattier Yellow Clay Mask Dry Skin-A little French bargain. This tube rung in at just 3 or 4 EUR but it served me well on many a weekend. Perfect as part of your Saturday or Sunday morning routine, this will leave you feeling fresh faced and like you took those extra 10-15 minutes to give yourself a little bit of a treat. Tricky to lay your paws on in the UK, but if you are holidaying in France you can get these at a steal. This comes in a variety of different options for your desired skin type, including those sensitive souls. Ooh la la...

So, what have you been loving on your weekend? Are there things you are reachin' for to give you that feelgood feelin? I'm curious...

Friday, 26 June 2015

The caffeine machine

Everyone that knows me well is aware that over the years I have become something of a caffeine connoisseur . Addict.

Whether you need a jolt first thing in the A:M when your alarm buzzes by your bedside; or love sipping an espresso after an evening meal pretending to yourself that street-side cafes in Florence are just a small wish away; or you get back from work, grab your slippers and flick the kettle on and instinctively reach for a cup of tea. There is an option for any occasion, isn't there?

How many times has that vital cup o' joe or brew saved your day?

I very kindly gifted myself a Nespresso Inissia for a recent birthday and let me tell you two things:

1/ I am generous and loving gift giver (something I got from my lovely mum thankfully), and...let's be real for second..., who doesn't enjoy a gift from me, to me?

2/ This brightly coloured little gem is a total day-maker.

The following birthday, my lovely bro (a fellow Vitamin C addict) decided I needed a Suki Stump teapot in my life. He is indeed a wise man. Armed with these vital tools, I searched the market and waited for it to surprise me. My quest was simple.

Is there something a little different out there, rather than grabbing a box of this or that from my nearest supermarket shelf or Nespresso store?...

Ahem...without any further chat, may I present 2 beautiful brands that I am literally obsessed with, and if you haven't heard of them until are going to have to do your own taste testing.

Enter Big Cup Little Cup and T2 tea.

T2 Tea

T2 Tea have been doing the rounds on my top blog subscriptions and on a recent trip to London I happened upon their Shoreditch store after a little R "n" R at the Barbour and Parlour Cheeky salon a couple of doors away. What a happy find. It is a brand of Australian origin but finds its home sandwiched between trendy stores in London's eastend hipsterville. Given that this delightful brand hasn't quite spread its wings to Scotland just yet, I had to grab my opportunity now. On approach, I was greeted with an iced sample-sip of refreshing pineapple tea to quench my thirst on a muggy day. On entering the store, be prepared to be faced with every conceivable palette-pleaser that you thought possible. And then some. Green tea? White tea? Rooibos? Teas to perk you up. Teas to wind you down. Cosy chais? Fruity flavours? It's easy to feel overwhelmed.

The staff are helpful and friendly, sharing a wealth of knowledge to help you discover your signature taste. They offer you a walk through the tea "families" and various apparatus...before long you are ready to get your brew on. They also offer live demonstrations and tasting sessions so you can be sure of your selection before your splash the cash. After much deliberation, I decided that my best bet would be to try the Selfies Mixed Black Tea box. Perfect for tea on the go or trialling some of the top faves within that family. A much better plan than committing to a giant tin of one flavour on a whim. This gal likes to research.

Each bag contains 2 generous cups per person, so that's just enough for your selfie. This little box was the ideal companion for my Suki teapot. No mess, no fuss. Loose leaf tea feels like you made the effort, because you're worth it. Aren't you? My top tipples would be French Earl Grey, Creme Brulee, Melbourne breakfast and Chai. I am itching to get my mitts on my next box. Better to get a little sample of a wide range and then you can keep coming back to the ones you heart the most.

Big Cup Little Cup

First things first, I am completely in love with this brand. Big Cup Little Cup first sprung to the fore back in the days when I was looking for Nespresso compatible capsules for my brand new swanky machine. Sometimes life can't always mean skipping down to Nespresso to sip espressos with George Clooney, you know? These guys really do have it all. Whilst trying to be conscious with my pennies, I didn't want to lose any quality in the coffee I was receiving, but it is clear that the good folks at Big Cup Little Cup pay attention to the smallest of detail.

They are looking to bring you the freshest, tastiest coffee at a great price. They are constantly updating their selections so that there are always new blends to try in a variety of strengths. Whether you want a gentle wake up or a pair of jump leads, they will have something in mind just for you. That's what I love about this team, they are huge on customer service. They want to help you select the perfect pod from the get-go and when you are done with your order, they will be first in line to see just how you got on so that they can tweak it for next time.

Personal favourites of mine are Millers Yard Espresso, El Salvador Honey Process , HomePark Espresso and Swiss Water Decaf (everyone needs an option for when you fancy a cuppa but it's too late to party, huh?)

Big Cup Little Cup give you a round up of great coffee, and they care about customers...with that attitude, that's what will keep us coming back for more.

Right, that's a wrap. I'm off to relax with this one. And some shortbread...(I'm having a Scottish moment.)

Where are they?

48-50 Redchurch St
E2 7DP

Big Cup Little Cup
39-43 Putney High Street
SW15 1SP


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Beauty Con, London

Last month I was fortunate enough to hop on a plane and jet down to foggy London town for a few days in the big smoke and to attend Beauty Con. For those of you that need brought up to speed, Beautycon is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle event that focusses on young, digital creators who are whipping up engaging content on the blogosphere as part of the Youtube era. Previously established in LA and New York, the team at Beautycon brought the event to the UK this year for the first time. Hello London.

The day was a treat for any beauty fanatic with pop-up stalls from leading brands (Benefit, Tarte, Liz Earle, Nyx, Ogx); a stage for themed panels and Q&A sessions with our adored content creators.

Trying hard not to be a total fan girl (fail), I was lucky enough to meet some of my favourite contributors for a mini catch-up to chat all things beauty and thank them for all the posts, tutorials, blogs and vlogs that they churn out on a regular basis. They keep us up to speed on the latest trends, review new products and offer a little insight on their day today and travel adventures. These Youtubers grant us a back stage pass to cool brand events, launches, fashion shows and all that is "scene" within the industry.

Here is a little round up of everyone that I met on the day, and a little whistle stop tour of their channels. Are you ready?

Deep breath...

1. Fleur de Force- she has referred to herself as the "granny" of youtube. Fleur is one of the longest standing and most successful content creators in the digital arena. She offers a main channel for the majority of her musings on products, favourites, get ready with me tutorials and also has a separate Vlog channel so that you can follow her on the road as she travels the globe on her latest adventures. Her husband Mike makes frequent appearances along with her array of cute puppies which understandably have their own dedicated social media following...Obvs.
(ps-when meeting a legendary beauty guru, don't rush out the door without drying your hair and spill coffee on your top...emergency-90s-style-tshirt-twist, anyone?)

2. Hello October- Suzie is a pint sized beauty enthusiast who lives in Brighton. I thoroughly enjoy her quirky style and fun rapport on camera. You can find me checking her written blog posts, stunning photography and following her videos for reviews, routines and regular jaunts to London on beauty exploits or brand collabs. Guest starring in her videos from time to time is her boyfriend Josh and sweet pooch, Nala.

(L-Claire, M-Alix, R-Suzie)

3. I covet thee- Alix is a beauty guru in her own right, and the Thelma to Suzie's Louise. She has a wonderful written blog with a keen eye for a pretty picture. The blog will guide you in all things beauty, fashion and lifestyle. If you want beach waves or tips on rockin' a signature bold lip, the only answer is Alix. A favourite "go-to" of mine for simple but stunning make up looks and haircare tutorials to ensure that your barnet is coiffed within an inch of its life (or at least you can look that way.) Her other half Darren is becoming a more regular feature of her videos and daily vlogging. He is often on hand to hold a camera lens or snap the occasional outfit look. These college sweethearts make a fine pair. Now all they need is an adorable pup, in standard Youtube tradition...

4. Lily Pebbles- Lily is amongst one of my favourites here on Youtube. She is a London girl through and through. Love the captivating content and polished feel to her written blog. Technology and gadgets are her forte, so you can often find her pushing the boundaries on what she can create. This girl is a total perfectionist, and her obsessive nature pays off. She definitely sets the bar high for balancing regular beauty content, vlogging, writing and the odd stop motion or advanced digital piece. Her boyfriend Rich is her trusty sidekick, and he can be found accompanying her on quests around London town and as a handsome date for launch parties, relaxed dinners with friends or chomping their way around some of the coolest hot spots in the capital city.

5. Vivianna does makeup-Anna is witty, keeps it real and knows her way around a makeup brush or two. I love reading the latest posts on her written blog and thoroughly enjoy the down to earth style in which she delivers her videos. Anna's style is relaxed and fun and she offers a vast catalogue of beauty tips and tricks for the normal girl. Don't be fooled, the structure, presentation and skill in her content is clear. This gal is totes profesh and definitely the real deal. Basically, if she is weighing in her thoughts on any product or putting together a simple and snappy routine, I am all ears. Her parter in crime is Mark, who has become a frequent guest star in her videos and presumbly has his own posse of fans out there. They make a fun duo, and you can definitely find me tracking their latest adventures or crazy rambles together...

(L-Lily, M-Claire, R-Anna)

6. Talk Becky Talk-Becky left a different life on screen at the "Beeb" to pursue a personal dream on Youtube. From reporting on the scene of the latest news, she switched press for products and now enjoys nothing more than inviting you into her beauty world. Becky is bubbly and fun loving on camera and you will most likely see her snuggled up in her cute house, with puppy-in-tow, clutching a hot cup of tea and gettin' ready to give you all the deets. So whether you crave pointers for how to work your interior on a budget, tips on dealing with anxiety, how to relax with a mini pamper evening or craft your own seasonal look...she's got you covered. Becky is lucky enough to receive support from her little sister Holly (pictured far right) and mum. It seems like creativity is catching in this household as her mum Gill has launched her own written blog, Growing old disgracefully. Gill targets her little corner of the market to share the wisdom of her life experiences.  She encourages mature ladies to treat themselves well so that they look fabulous for as long as they can. You can also catch sister Holly here too.

(L-Becky, M-Claire, R-Holly)

Well done if you reached the made it. Go make some new favourites and give these incredibly creative women some love. FYI, this lemonade was delicious, in case you were wondering...

The next BeautyCon event is 11th July, in LA.


Monday, 22 June 2015

Oh, crumbs...

Sometimes crumbs can be a bad thing. Down the sofa. On a smart outfit, perhaps? However, on this occasion I kind of loved them! What better way to indulge yourself on a quiet Saturday avo, than to grab a couple of your best gals and swing by to get your daily dose of caffeine to hit the spot and eat cake out of a wardrobe. People do that, right?

Lovecrumbs is a cove of caffeine, cake and quirky decor. Nestled away at the top of West Port and the grassmarket in the old town, it promises a piece of something different amongst the plethora of coffee haunts in the fairest of cities.

I opted for a latte (always super hot, but not enough to burn the beans, duhhh) and a hefty whack of their salted caramel cake. I spent as much time selecting my slice as I do on all major life decisions. Gotta take your cake seriously. And I do.

The coffee was a welcome wake up on a sleepy afternoon and my cake was a delectable dream that left me suitably stuffed. They have any taste that will suit yours, brownies; check, cherry bakewell; check and curious combos like chocolate and violet or pear and polenta.

They also have quirky design covered. Wooden tabletops, window seats, beautifully illustrated signage and peculiar lighting. Like always, I am having a real lightbulb moment. There are literally no rules. The fact that nothing really matches makes this place all the more endearing (aside from the fact that there is only cake on this menu.)

We chatted it up until closing and strolled into the evening sunlight with smiles on our faces as we parted ways.

Choosing fun places to try in Edinburgh is never a tricky task for me. Some might say, its a piece of cake...

Where are they?

Friday, 19 June 2015

What's in my handbag?: the office edit

The bag- Longchamp Pliage. I swore I would never have one of these but now I find two of them creeping into my current collection (the other is the mini version). They are stylish, sturdy and as they are nylon you can clean them up in a second so they are shiny and new in a heartbeat. They fold up neatly and prove to be the perfect travel companion, especially when faced with impossible hand luggage demands.

The Loot

1. Longchamp cosmetic case. I promise you I wasn't trying to be "matchy-matchy". I received the cosmetic case as a gift and it has proven to be a handy handbag saviour. Perfect to store away your daily make-up look, "go-to" touch ups and on several occasions I have used it to square away my jewellery collection for my next jet set destination.

2. Nuxe Reve de Miel. Chapped/dry lips are totally 2014. The French have serious skin care game and they make no exception with their lip products. Whether you keep this handy lip-tip by your side for during the day or by your night stand to slather it on thick for a pre-bedtime pamper. The choice is yours. The texture and scent are kind of unique and it offers a pretty matte finish. You can use this to prime your lips as a base, especially if it is matte lip look you are going for. This comes in a stick format, but for personal preference I have to say that the pot is a lot better.

3. Colab dry shampoo (Rio scent). Every brand has their incarnation of something to refresh your barnet for the lazy girl. I am quite late to the dry shampoo party, but I am glad I showed up. I was never a fan of Batiste as I considered it much too heavy and chalky for my luscious lock needs. Fellow blogger Ruth Crilly has catered to beauty guru demands by establishing Colab. This product creates a super fine mist in a variety of tempting scents to ensure that you can freshen up post-gym work out or rock your second day hair, problem free. This stuff is practically weightless and I tend to use it for a quick boost after a long day, or just to add a little texture and life if things have fallen flat. Winner.

4. Bath and Body Works mojito pocketbac. America really does do some things much better than the UK, and this rings true for when you want fresh, sparkly clean mitts. Whether you take it on a flight or frequently hop on/off any plane, train or auto mobile, you will thank your lucky stars that you have this little companion firmly by your side. There is no dettol/hospital-esque aroma with these pocketbacs. Bath and Body works hit you with a scent for every mood. I make sure to stock up whenever I find myself in the US of A. (American friends out there, please send back ups! My stocks are running low, and I simply can't be without them.)

5. Paperchase diary. I love nothing more than starting a brand new year by hot footin' it down to Paperchase to pick up my new handy handbag planner. Paperchase always have a wide selection of fun designs and sizes for you to choose how you want to organise your life. I am a list maker (sad times) and in an age where you can add everything to your phone or tablet of choice, sometimes I like to keep it old school and jot things down on paper. Retro.

6. Harrods coin purse. Previously I was an advocate of a giant wallet. The bigger, the better. Lately I have been jet settin' all over the place and it simply does not make sense to me any more. With coins, cards, tickets and oysters I needed a way to keep everything in its place and that doesn't weigh down my bag like a tonne o' bricks. I spied this cute little coin purse whilst killing time in a London airport before a birthday trip to New York and I had to make it mine. Beautifully illustrated and sporting a Harrods logo, this keeps life simple, and a tad luxurious.

7. Cath Kidston Umbrella. I live in Scotland, and the UK weather is a pesky lil' blighter. We can literally have all four seasons in one day, so leaving the house without a brolly is out. of. the. question. This umbrella has weathered many a storm and is still going strong. Practical. Functional. Beautiful. I love it.

8. Primark sunglasses. I have often wondered whether it is worth it to splash on Ray Bans, Dior or Chanel but the trials of practical livin' ensure that I keep it real. Believe it or not, we do get some sunshine-y days on occasion and I want to make sure that I have something to whip out of my bag for when those rays hit. That being said, I don't want to feel guilted if I accidentally sat on them in the car. Oops. They have frames for every face shape, and at such a total bargain it will feel like you stole them.

9. Lego penguin keychain. I recently moved house and wanted to mark the event in a small but silly way by getting a new key chain. I couldn't resist this guy on my trip to Copenhagen. This girl had to swing by Lego and p-p-pick-up-a-penguin.

10. Lucy B Egyptian Amber and Honeysuckle roll-on. I had never heard of this range by Lucy B's Apothecary, but it was a happy find on one of my millions of excursions to TK Maxx. This Australian brand combine flower essences and aromatherapy oils in every scent to offer a rather unique approach to what they do. Beauty, with all of the benefits. Aussie Aussie Aussie. This is a warm, inviting scent reminiscent of argan oil that lingers on the skin. Always keep a roll-on perfume handy for life on the go, drinks after work or when you plan on being hand luggage friendly. I will be on the lookout to pick up another before too long, you can be sure of that (mate).

11. Couture Carnival Mini Hand Cream. I love And Other Stories. Their clothes are a little on the pricey side, unless you catch a deal in their sale, but I am a huge fan of their quirky jewellery and bath/body care. Body washes, scrubs, perfumes are something they do extremely well and all their fragrances are truly to die for. Sprint down to their store near Oxford Circus, London and get lost in your own little haven. I could be there for hours.

What are your handbag handy hints, any tips out there?

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Delicious double whammy...

So I was lucky enough to have my parentals jet in from Ireland to enjoy a few days in Edinburgh with me. Naturally we stopped by a couple of dining hot spots... Delicious joy.

Let me catch you up.

Here are a couple of culinary highlights we enjoyed from the weekend that are sure to tickle your tastebuds...

The Tower

Delicately perched on the roof of the National Museum, this delightful location offers stunning views over the old town skyline. Indulge in a quick bite, coffee break or leisurely glass of wine with the backdrop of a legendary Edinburgh sunset. We opted for afternoon tea. Oh Happy Day. The parents were celebrating their 40 year wedding anniverary (WHUT), so this seemed like the natural choice to toast a special occasion. Teacups at the ready. As you can imagine, the Scottish weather changes its mind more than I do my outfits, so after a sneaky last minute booking reshuffle we were sure to soak up all the summer afternoon rays.

We got a touch of the fancy treatment...silver service, posh napkin. You know the drill. Before long we were spoilt for choice with mini mouthfuls...sandwiches, scones, salmon toast. Add to that a lemon cake, panna cotta, chocolate ├ęclair and mereingue to satisfy the sweetest of cravings. To wash it down, a pot of the Rare Tea Co. RAF English Breakfast tea and Earl Grey. Perfection. To set things off the tea was served in the most adorable orange Suki teapots. (heads up, I received the blue one as a birthday gift and they really are worth the hype.) Plus, there is something about loose leaf tea that feels a touch more luxe than chucking a Tetley in a mug...You feel me?

Roof top dining, people. It's the way forward.


I've frequented this friendly little shack on many an occasion. Before hopping over to the theatre to catch a show, raising a birthday toast with a cocktail or, as it was this weekend, a tasty family meal. A first choice for steak lovers, but feel free to swing by to treat yourself to a cold Friday beer or lazy weekend brunch. Simplistic design, quality ingredients and no-frills cooking?... It's a sure-fire win. It just ain't a "big plate, tiny portion" kinda' place.

Smokestack love nothing better than strippin' it back to bring you a happy plate filled with locally sourced produce. I opted for the chicken burger, smothered with cheese with fries and a side order of guac. Holy guacamole. My advice, don't wear your skinny jeans. (disclaimer: I also sneaked dad's beer in the picture to make me look cooler.)

They even have a handy online booking facility, so you can stop by their website any time and snap up your table there and then. Give them a whirl, you really have no excuses not to....


Monday, 15 June 2015

Top 5: Speedy summer cheats...

So the April showers have dried up and before you know it you have to be summer ready in a bit of a hurry. *GULP*
Here is a handy little round up of my top 5 summer cheats to help you feel refreshed, awake and ready to enjoy another bright and sunshine-y day.


Clarins Instant Concealer (£21.50)- If like me you could frequently do with a few more hours shut-eye, you can kiss goodbye to those pesky dark circles with the help of the Clarins Instant Concealer Shade 01. Once you try this guy it is very difficult to leave him alone. A little bit of a splurge purchase, but in my eyes a handy investment. The consistency is a very fluid/liquid-like texture and the coverage is impressive without feeling cakey. Feel free to layer this baby up a little at a time under the eyes or all over for a fresh faced minimal make up look. I can regularly be seen dotting a little around my face and blending it in for a quick 5 minute face to get me out the door. No foundation/BB cream required. WIN.

Vitamin E Eyes Cube (£8.00)- The only baggage I ever want to carry is in a little wheelie case when I jet off to my next holiday destination, NOT under my eyes. The Body Shop Vitamin E Eyes cube is a another golden trick from their Vitamin E range. This entire range offers many skin quenchers in the way of masks, moisturisers, night creams, sorbets, serums for parched skin types...they really do have an option for every preference. A quick slick of this one under the eyes illuminates, cools and hydrates. TIREDNESS BE GONE. Jolly nice way to kick off your morning, do a half-time touch up or quick 5 minute R "n" R at the end of the day. It's quickly becoming a firm favourite...


Kiko Smart Lip Pencil (£2.50)-Another front runner in the affordable make-up arena. This time the Italians take their corner of the market. Kiko play an impressive game when it comes to top products at a purse friendly price. I always make sure to swing by their store in Oxford Street any time I find myself in London town. Their Kiko Smart Lip Pencil is available in a range of beautiful shades and retailing at £2.50 a pop you can easily afford to grab a couple of these to pep up your lippy stash. Never a previous fan of lip liners, I now like to dabble. 702 (coral) and 711 (light plum) are a couple of current faves, but there is a hue for every you. As a liner they ensure your beloved lippy look is long lasting or to switch things up you can fill in the entire lip for a welcome colour injection without a lipstick or gloss in sight. It really is up to you.

Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation
(£6.90)-With summer floating in the air, I always fancy a change of pace when it comes to a flawless base. I am a big fan of a natural, dewy look and Kiko are onto a winner with the Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation. A creamy, buildable texture that will glide over imperfections like a dream. This base will help perfect any canvas and feels like it has all the perks of a foundation with some skin care extras thrown in. It feels light on the skin and goes the distance as far as lasting power goes. Personally, I love how it looks. Plus it is free from nasties, so totally guilt free. Hooray.

American Eagle Sunglasses (£10)- Nothing says summer lovin' like sporting a pair of your favourite shades. I picked up the American Eagle Colour Block Sunglasses on a trip to New York. Hello Coral beauties. Mine are slightly different than the pictured pair, but you get the jist, no? A highlight to any outfit or daily look, these quirky frames will have you ready for summer city slickin', or claiming your perfect spot on the beach.

What have you tried? Any secrets you would like to share? Go on.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Give me the chocolate....seriously.

Ok, ok... so I am not talking about my Cadburys buttons obsession or my latest sugar fix, but you can definitely find me reaching for the latest Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette. Truth be told, I am a total sucker for any neutral eye palette, but this little gem caught my eye and I snapped it up just in time for the release at the beginning of this month. Keen bean, right?

Zoeva- in my opinion, a rather understated/celebrated German brand in the beauty world, but they are quickly picking up pace. They first impressed me when I received limited edition rose gold luxury brush set and I have been hot on the heels ever since eagerly awaiting their next offering.

The scoop- they have an interesting range, slick website, impressive customer service/delivery and (*most importantly*), the products are affordable and offer the fellow beauty fiend a welcome alternative to a vast array of similar high end products flying around the market.

So...if you want to recreate a current trend or polish your daily "go-to" look with a couple of new quality products and still have some change in your back pocket, head over to Zoeva and fill up your basket. You won't regret it... Promise.

Happy shopping.


Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Hello there.

So, here we are are..

...I have finally got myself together and I am going to give this blog lovin' life a whirl. Due to my ever creepin' instagram count and growing interest in a few areas I thought I would take this opportunity and channel it into a dedicated space for me to wax lyrical on my current favourites in beauty, lifestyle, fashion and travel (with the possibility of a few other things thrown in for good measure). I am excited to take as many of you with me as would like to come along. So please read and share with any friends who you think would enjoy it too.

It has been firmly resting on the back burner, but now I am taking a brave little leap to create some fun posts and hopefully connect with more of this community. So wha d'ya say? Are you in?

Look at me, I am livin' the dream...*cue solo dance party*
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